Featured: Galaxy S3 Wins the Display Battle over iPhone 5?


The Galaxy S3 has a thinner display than the iPhone, and the Samsung device offers a larger full color range. So, the Galaxy S3 is the undisputed display champion, right?

Well, not exactly.


The numbers are clearly in Samsung's favor when it comes to measuring the specs of the devices, but the experts at IHS pointed out in a survey that the implementation of the technology is just as vital as having the most impressive tools.

"Such improvements on the iPhone 5 are consistent with Apple's philosophy of selecting features designed to yield profitable products that deliver a superior customer experience, rather than of providing technology for technology's sake."

–Vinita Jakhanwa, IHS analyst


The survey went on to suggest that the iPhone 5's performance may edge out the Galaxy S3 due to "better calibration, higher brightness and superior power efficiency." In fact, the extra color availability offered in the larger screen of the Galaxy S3 felt "oversaturated and unrealistic" according to IHS.

Samsung Galaxy S3

  • 1.1 mm thick display
  • Full color gamut (NTSC standards)
  • Pixel Density: 306ppi
  • Resolution: 1280 x 720p

Apple iPhone 5

  • 1.5 mm thick display
  • 72% of the full color gamut
  • Pixel Density: 326ppi
  • Resolution: 1136 x 640p

DisplayMate, another service which tests new phones, sided heavily with the iPhone in their findings. In fact, DisplayMate has even called in to question the reliability of IHS' evaluations. CNET reported that Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate argued "that the color gamut test IHS conducted was based off of an old standard that has led to incorrect conclusions."

Still, the facts remain that the Galaxy S3's displays are larger and thinner. The real questions going forward will be whether shoppers care for a larger or smaller device and whether customers will be impressed with the richer selection of colors on the S3 or simply regard it as "oversaturated and unrealistic."

What do you think? If all other factors between the phones were exactly the same, could your decision be swayed solely on the screen size and color options?


Source: Android Authority, CNET