Featured: Galaxy S III To Get Jelly Bean in South Korea; Hopefully Everywhere Else Soon

October 9, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

Samsung have been talking a lot about their upgrade path to Jelly Bean on the Galaxy S III and we’ve seen our fair share of leaks as well. However, there’s still been no rollout outside of Europe however, Samsung are here to change this as they’ve just announced availability of an Android 4.1 upgrade for the Galaxy S III SHW-M440S variant which is Samsung’s home grown variant. Whilst it’s disappointing to see an update rollout anywhere that isn’t the US right now this should certainly help speed things along as Samsung aren’t likely to distribute a flakey upgrade in their biggest marker now are they?

Included in the update is apparently some added features as well as the bump to tasty Jelly Bean such as homescreen tweaks and an innovative feature that allows you to pause whilst recording video. As with Sense 4+ that’s heading to HTC’s One Series, Samsung will be looking to squeeze in a little added value at the same time. Which certainly isn’t a bad thing when you consider that the Galaxy S III should be on shelves for quite a bit longer. All in all, it sucks that Samsung haven’t announced update plans for the US yet but, this is certainly a step in the right direction and should help Samsung roll out the update with little problem. As always, the carriers will be the biggest roadblock and it’ll be interesting to see how Samsung fare against Verizon when they come to update.