Featured: Galaxy S III Mini Coming Soon, So Says Retail Listing


If there's one thing you can say about Samsung it's that they can make pretty much any screen size you want them to. They put this to questionable use last year when they saw fit to release a tablet with any and every screen size under the sun. Whilst the Galaxy Tab 7.7 had an incredible display it was far too pricey to become a viable option. This time around though, it looks like Samsung will be doing the opposite, by bringing the size and the price down.

We'd heard rumors of the Galaxy S III Mini before but, this latest leak pretty much confirms it. A Nordic retailer has an inventory listing that shows two versions of this mini Galaxy S III, one with NFC and one without. It's a little strange why they would be stocking, let alone selling, two versions but this could change as I doubt this will affect the price all that much. There's no listing detailing specs here but the rumors suggest that it will come with the following:

  • WVGA 4-inch Display
  • 5MP Camera and Front-facing camera
  • Android 4.1 onboard
  • Dual-core processor

We all know that rumors aren't to be trusted these days but, the Galaxy S III mini could work really in a lot of markets, especially with the rise of more affordable tablets, they are fast becoming the larger screen for people. Especially with the latest and greatest fruit phone packing a larger but still smaller display, people don't always want a 4.8" display. When we have more news on the Galaxy S III Mini, we'll be happy to bring it to you.