Featured: Finally, You Can Enjoy High-Resolution Contact Photos on Android

October 11, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

That’s right, it’s taken far too long as it is however, Google have finally got their heads in the game and sorted out contact photos on Android. When Ice Cream Sandwich first hit the scene it came with a much improved caller ID display, bringing the faces of friends and loved ones – or your arch nemesis – to fill your screen however, thanks to older code in Google’s backend the images were the same old low-resolution images left over from Gingerbread and before, leading to horrible looking photos. In Jelly Bean they made some improvements to this however, they still hadn’t fixed the issue in the background and so, horrible looking pictures still raged.

No more will our phones be greeted with jagged images of our family and friends! Google have finally fixed the issue and high resolution photos are now presented properly. As well as this though, Google have seen fit to redo GMail’s contact page and have added a new UI for adding photos. Making the whole process not only easier but you can crop when you add photos in and make sure that the image is just how you want. For me, this has taken far too long and it’s this sort of thing that makes people lose their patience with Google – not offer contact photos but, over the fact that this is a small-issue that was more than likely pretty easy for Google to fix but they’ve taken this long to do it. All in all, it’s great to see this finally get fixed so, go ahead and find those pictures of friends from last year’s New Years bash!

[Source: Android Police]