Featured: FCC to Auction Additional 300Mhz of Spectrum to Carriers by 2015

October 6, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

For all the advancements we’ve seen in mobile technology, we’ve yet to see the networks take the same sort of leap. LTE has been a massive game changer for the industry for it’s only just touching mainstream markets now and some carriers are still struggling to roll out LTE based networks. The lifeblood of all carriers is the spectrum that they own rites to, without spectrum they’d have no way to broadcast to consumers. There hasn’t ever been a problem concerning spectrum like there is now – carriers are starting to run out of it or, at least they’d like you to believe. It’s the FCC’s job to not only regulate the wireless industry but to also make sure they have the right tools to continue to operate.

To that end, the FCC have announced plans to auction off another 300Mhz of spectrum to carriers that can be used for commercial use come 2015. Whilst this is certainly a good start it’s not nearly enough, as time goes on more and more people are switching to LTE  -which is great but, we all know what happened to 3G data networks. The more people connecting at one time, the more problems there’ll be so, with additional spectrum carriers can improve their networks and hopefully prevent the LTE networks of today becoming as congested as the 3G networks of the past. Come 2015 the FCC will auction off AWS Spectrum for use with LTE networks, Genachowski has revelaed however, the CTIA aren’t happy and are calling for more 800Mhz band to be available for carriers. You can never have too much spectrum it seems.