Featured: Facebook App Finally Looking to Get Native

October 8, 2012 - Written By Christina Gardner


Facebook has struggled for some time now to get its Facebook App  “up to snuff” so to say for users, but it still has continued to lack significantly. Some feel that the ‘user experience’ just isn’t there yet.  Why? The Facebook application is built using HTML 5 that “runs within an Android app wrapper.” If any of you Android lovers are into web development or design I’m sure this is a language you understand.

The “new” app was released first to iOS “a few weeks ago.” Someone please tell me why apps always go to Apple first?!  Any who, the newly designed app offers smoothness and a better user experience. So they say!  I will wait to see this with my own eyes.

Not too long ago we had heard that Mark Zuckerberg had his employees do “dogfooding,” which is basically having all of his Facebook employees testing the app on their own mobile phone devices to allow for much needed improvements. Speculations of a “native” app was in the making and not foreseen as being completed for quite some time.  However, rumors have started to stir (seems to be happening a lot this last week), that the app is in its final stages. Should we jump with excitement?

Is it possible that we could see a newly improved Facebook app? Only time will tell my fellow friends.  Once the app is finally completed, speculators are saying that it should be released fairly quickly. Let’s see what Zuckerberg has got this time!


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