Featured Editorial: The LG Nexus 4 Dissapointing You Already?


For some time now, we've been hearing about multiple devices forming a new "Nexus Program" and that more than manufacturer will be able to produce and sell a Google Nexus device all adding up to the magic number of 5 that we've been hearing about. There's been so much evidence to suggest an LG Nexus is all but announced that I won't go into to it here because, you're a smart bunch and you all already know. Google have scheduled an event for October 29th, inviting us to a playground but, what I think we need to ask ourselves is what we want to play with in this playground?

An LG Nexus, UGH, Who Are LG MAN?!?!


There's been a lot of this going around: the idea that an LG Nexus would hurt the Nexus brand. I'm a staunch believer of the opposite, the Nexus brand is all about showing off Pure Android, the Android that doesn't need help from Sense or TouchWiz or NinjaBlur – seriously Moto, name that shit already – and the more manufacturers that join the program the better Android will look because of it.

For all of you out there that have had bad experiences with LG and their updates: I'm with you, they suck at that. Then again, doesn't everybody? Time and time again manufacturers have promised us updates and every one of them has messed up: HTC and the Thunderbolt? Samsung and the Galaxy S? LG aren't the worst for updates and with a Nexus device, this will be out of their hands and you'll get every last bit of support from Google as you always have done.

Hardware wise, the LG Nexus is shaping up to be a good looking phone. Whilst on the front of things it looks just like the Galaxy Nexus the back is covered in what looks to be a digital pattern with either glass or hardened plastic covering it. I quite like the design and whilst it seems like more of the same, so was the Galaxy Nexus and people love the G.Nex.


LG are nowhere near as bad a company people make them out to be and in fact, I've wanted to get my hands on a good LG device for some time now and if they were to bring a LG Nexus to the table, I could very well be giving up my One X for it. With a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro and a stunning display – what could go wrong?

I Want An Amazing Nexus Device Better Than Anything Else That Will Last Years

This isn't going to happen, there's no way that it will do. I think the days of a Nexus device coming with better hardware than anything else are long gone – if they were ever here in the first place. With chip makers making better and better SoCs like the new Snapdragon S4 Pro there's no need for a Nexus device to go above and beyond because the power is already available off the shelf. What the Nexus Playground – as I like to imagine it – should bring with it is a standard feature set that shows off pure Android at its best with few complications. There was nothing complicated about the Galaxy Nexus was there – aside from Verizon?


As for updates, Google have done a pretty stellar job of keeping the Nexus line current and up-to-date. We all need to forget about the fact that the Nexus One didn't get Ice Cream Sandwich, it went through three builds of Android, from 2.1 to 2.3 Gingerbread and that's not bad going when you think about it. The Nexus S that followed has had a good run as well, it's been through three builds as well and whilst it took a little longer to get Jelly Bean, it still got it. Whatever Nexus you do buy, you can rest assured that it'll be supported far longer than any phone from any of Google's partners.

I'm Going to Be Disappointed Aren't I?

No. What people need to remember during the run up to a Nexus launch is that as many things as the Nexus program has become it is always one thing: realistic. Google want to deliver a phone with cutting edge Android software in it and I assume that they started this many years ago to compete with the iPhone's software simplicity. Now, every year we get a new model from Google and it's always down to earth and it has never forced us to be chained to one carrier. Of course you can go and get the Galaxy Nexus from Sprint and Verizon but you will always be able to buy the device unlocked from Google.


Nexus devices are not going to be coming with the world's best processor this and the most RAM that but what they are going to be is good enough for us all to enjoy stock Android and get a good experience out of it. Google need to think realistically here and realistically, we don't really care what's inside a Nexus: it's still a Nexus.

The Nexus program is always realistic and whilst you might get the magical device you've always wanted it'll still be a Nexus.

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