Featured: Dolphin Browser Releases New Jetpack Addon For Blazing Fast Speeds

dolphin jetpack addon

Dolphin Browser has long been a popular choice for Android and iOS and with now more than 50 Million users, they’ve got something new up their sleeves. Earlier this year, Chrome for Android launched on Ice Cream Sandwich devices. The beta was a bit messy in some places, but it recently got out of beta and is now stable.

Even though Chrome is pretty quick, Dolphin Browser looks to go above and beyond that speed with their new Jetpack addon. The addon is a downloadable app that doesn’t come pre-installed with the browser. What’s great about Jetpack is it uses its own rendering engine which can deliver canvas, GPU and javascript enhancements.

According to Dolphin, it delivers pages up to 10 times faster compared to the stock Android browser and, get this, is almost 100 percent faster than Chrome. Pretty impressive and goes to show just how much improvement can be made with mobile browsers.

When it comes to utilizing HTML5, Dolphin Browser with Jetpack scored 480 while Chrome scored 389, the higher number being better. Both browsers were also ran through Octane and Sunspider, Dolphin scoring 1394 over Chrome’s 1333 in Octane, and again trumping Chrome with 1413.2ms in Sunspider versus 1847.9ms.

To test the speeds out for yourself, make sure you have the latest Dolphin Browser installed and get the Jetpack addon here. After messing around with it for a few minutes and going to random websites, it’s pretty impressive and rendered pages super quick.