Featured: Disney Helps Aid Research in Capacitive Screens that Recognize Multiple Users

Does the first thought in your head say, "Disney? Since when does Disney get involved in this type of work?" That was my first impression when I stumbled upon the information. However it's true, and Disney wants to get in on the game of technology. They want to be the first ones to develop a "good, workable" touch technology. So what did they bring us?

According to sources they created a "touch" screen that can detect multiple users. No way, I say impossible! That is such an advanced form of technology especially for a tablet or phone.  What exactly does "detect multiple users" mean? It means that if I touched a screen and then you touched the same screen at the same time, it could tell who was who! Whoa, I thought that stuff was only in movies, or military and government stuff?! Of course, I'm kidding because everyone knows the technology exists, it's just not something you would see anywhere. It is more involved in security and government projects.

However, for such a technology to come to the touchscreen community of tablets and phones would be a glorious thing! How would such a feature work? Disney had stated that it would "measure a person's impedance by detecting the various radio frequencies of AC electricity."  That is pretty neat! A technology that can tell how you respond to AC electricity, who wouldn't be fascinated by that?! That information then gets saved to a profile for future use and this process occurs for each new "user."

The uses for such a screen could be endless, but the example they used was  multi-gaming.  Keep in mind this is only done with one tablet. The screen would be able to detect the difference in users just by the touch of their fingers! As you can see below, Disney used a Paint application for their "demonstration."



This feature is still in development so it's hard to say when such a  piece of technology would be available to tablet or smartphone users. There a few bugs that need to be worked out, because I'm sure many of you realize that the AC electricity levels and "impedance" can change throughout the day. All it takes is simply changing your shoes.

My opinion on this is that it's pretty cool, but that is what I thought about Face Unlock feature, and let me you it doesn't work the greatest. I mean come on, it didn't even work at the conference when they released the Galaxy Nexus! So, could this be a technology that will be just as buggy? My mind says yes, but this is also a different manufacturer team that I have not heard in the Android community, so it's possible they could pull it off. What do you think? Would a touch screen that can detect multiple users be a tool of riches, or will it be a  waste of money and time?



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