Featured: Death Dome Drops Some Hurt Onto Google Play

October 11, 2012 - Written By Justin Diaz

Back on the 4th I reported on a game that glu was releasing soon called Death Dome. Well here it is not more than almost a week later and it seems that Glu’s latest gesture combat game is knocking on our door. I’m hoping those who didn’t read or catch the article from last week will want to eyeball it a little? Link is above. Just in case everyone has a vendetta against backlinks though, here’s another little breakdown of the game.

A virus outbreak has blanketed over the city. People are turning. No, not turning, transforming… into giant horrific beast like creatures. They’re not human anymore, that’s for damn sure. The normal ones that are unaffected don’t take kindly to those they think might be infected either. Those that show signs of the infection get quarantined in the “Death Dome” to help protect those that haven’t been infected. It’s a fight for humanity, or perhaps just a fight for yourself, to stay alive. Guess you’ll just have to play to find out. Did I mention it’s free? Yea of course it is, were talking a Glu mobile game here. What one of their games in the past year hasn’t been free. That’s not to say there won’t be some micro transactions inside the game though cause you can bet your life on it they were added in.

In Death Dome you play the role of Pheonix, our hero in this darkly tale. She is a kick ass and take names type of girl, who has no real recollection of anything before now. She only remembers her name, and her one mission is to obliterate every giant, smelly, grotesque and utterly evil mutated thing inside that dome all by herself so the dome can eventually be taken down. If you or anyone you know has ever had nightmares about being taken over by a deadly mutating virus, then you will love this game. On the other hand, what kind of dreams are those. Weirdo’s…

Download, install, and play. Once inside, you’ll fight fearsome enemies and fight for survival with evolving combat by learning new skills that are acquired as you progress further in the game. As you lay waste, make sure to scour the dead bodies because you could stumble across some sweet sweet lewts! Some of it may even be a brand new shiny elemental weapon that lets you harness the power of fire, lightning or acid. Yea… acid. Badass. As if beating things up wasn’t cool enough, you get to melt them to death.

As I stated before Death Dome is free-to-play, but Glu has added the ability to pay money for some other in-game items that may be of some use. I can only hope that they aren’t required to progress past a certain point. How long can you stay alive in the Death Dome? Time to find out…..