Featured: Chameleon Launcher Updates to 1.1, Includes Support for Native Android Widgets, and More


Chameleon Launcher is an interesting Launcher for Tablets. It's something new that most of us haven't seen before. And at a price tag of $10, most people won't buy it unless there's a free version to try out first. Earlier in the month, Chameleon teased version 1.1 of their launcher which brings many improvements, and the biggest new feature is support for native Android widgets, like the Gmail and Google+ widget. Here's the full changelog for this release:

  1. Added support for native Android Widgets.
  2. Added new widget API hooks for more access to local device data.
  3. All widget account selectors now have the ability to remove accounts.
  4. Rebuilt the Home Screen and Layout Editor to drastically improve performance.
  5. Improved transitions between the Home Screen and Layout Editor.
  6. Widget Title Bar UI elements now have hit states.
  7. Widget selection UI now has hit states.
  8. Updated the Twitter widget with inline access to reply, retweet and favorite. Widget now properly displays retweeted tweets. Added support for lists.
  9. Updated Google Calendar widget with All Calendars view and Event List views.
  10. Facebook widget got UI facelift.
  11. Fixed and and issue with the Facebook widget loosing authentication when swapping between WiFi networks.
  12. The YouTube widget properly displays cached content in a no-internet offline mode.
  13. Improved start-up time.
  14. Fixed several bugs, including issues where Chameleon might freeze on start-up.
  15. Several minor UI tweaks and improvements.
  16. Adding new Wallpapers is now more responsive.


This looks like a huge update to Chameleon launcher, so excuse me while I go update Chameleon on my Nexus 7. Anybody out there buy Chameleon Launcher? Who kickstarted this project? Let us know how much you like or dislike it in the comments.

Download: Google Play Store