Apple Appeals Case with Samsung in Tokyo

Featured: Apple Prolongs Another Court Battle – This Time in Tokyo

October 16, 2012 - Written By Michael Roberts

Apple isn’t quite ready to let go of their case in Tokyo against Samsung over yet another patent battle. In case you haven’t been following this particular episode of the ongoing saga, Apple is displeased that Samsung wasn’t found guilty for infringing on Apple’s patented technology of synchronizing music and video data with servers. To add insult to injury, Tokyo District Judge Tamotsu Shoji even ordered Apple to pay the costs of the lawsuit after the August 31st ruling.

Apple and Samsung continue to battle in courts worldwide as each attempts to gain dominance of the smartphone market (valued at a cool $219 billion by Bloomberg Industries last year).

Spokesmen from both Apple and Samsung weren’t available to further comment on the story at the time the news was reported. But, really, what else do they have to say at this point? “They did it!” and “Nuh-uh!” (By the way, my kids can have the same argument for much cheaper.)

Source: Bloomberg