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Today, there's hundreds of ways in which we can communicate with each other – numerous instant messengers, e-mail, social networks and more services rising all the time – but, there's only a couple of constant guarantees all your friends will hear you. Text messaging and e-mail. Even then, many people don't check their e-mail anywhere near as often as they used to however, the text message is just as popular as it ever has been and it's pretty hard for you to have friends or family that don't have a cell phone these days, right? At times, the onscreen keyboard on phones isn't all that nice to use, especially when you have a nice tablet you're used to typing on. If only you could use that to send your text messages. Enter Tablet Talk. Read on!

Description: Tablet Talk is a two-part application – one for the phone and the other for the tablet. Of course, most of the action happens on the Tablet and this is where, once you've got everything connected you can start texting away. The app will connect the two together and texts composed and sent from the tablet will actually come from your phone – keeping the phone number intact. So, you can comfortably text away quicker and with fewer mistakes without any one even noticing! Tablet Talk can sync the inbox with your phone and download all the messages so you have the same inbox, making it easier to reply to friends and family on that tablet lying around the house. If you own a Nexus 7, you'll know how nice typing can be.


How It Works: Whilst Tablet Talk comes with a really healthy list of features, it's also very easy to set up. First of all you'll need to install the app on both your phone and your tablet – grab it here – after that you can connect the two over Bluetooth (which is the default) or over the same Wi-Fi Network. It's worth noting that the Bluetooth option is only good when the device's aren't on the same WiFi network as it does take some battery up depending on your phone. Of course, having this feature is brilliant as there's no dependence on cellular data.

In order to get the app up and running just go ahead and run it on your phone first, if you want to use it over WiFi then go ahead and change that from the below switch:

Let's assume you'll be doing this over WiFi – take the IP address from your phone and take it on over to the tablet app and input it into the settings window below. The tablet app is built using the Holo design so it'll fit right in and act similar to the GTalk app.

Composing and sending a message is really easy, all you've got to do is hit compose in the top right and then type a contacts name – your contacts will drop down from the list. What's great about this is that you're contacts will more than likely already be on your tablet thanks to GMail sync.
There are a lot of extra features to Tablet Talk that will appeal to you, let's take a look at some of them here:

  • Incoming Call display – your tablet will let you know who's calling you, brilliant for when you've left your phone on charge or whatever.
  • Unobtrusive notifications, on the tablet all you'll see is the familiar Android messaging icon.
  • You can close the app whenever you like.
  • There's no going to the internet here – your texts and calls aren't broadcast anywhere.

Opinion: I've been using something similar for sending texts from my desktop – when you spend all day at a desk you realise how much easier typing everything with a keyboard. It's much the same when you compare tablets to phones – text input on a tablet is far easier. It's also a whole lot more convenient to keep on top of your text messages with Tablet Talk, chances are you could be working on the tablet and so focussing on one device but still keeping up with messages is really quite helpful. Having one device to it all then is a real productive boon.



  • Speed (4/5) – Tablet Talk is quickly set up and it's quick to send messages whether it be over WiFi or Bluetooth.
  • Features (5/5) – For a long time we've wanted to hook our phones into our tablets and vice versa and whilst the PadFone is great, this is ready for the prime time now and works with everything.
  • Theme (5/5) – Tablet Talk follows the Holo theme which is something a lot of developers should do for apps nowadays.
  • Overall (5/5) – I think Tablet Talk is a very well done app that serves a very real purpose and it doesn't get in the user's way to do it, either.


  • Being able to see who's ringing you on the tablet is unique and very helpful.
  • The use of Bluetooth headsets with your phone and Tablet Talk is genius.
  • Being laid out like the GTalk app is a brilliant thing.
  • Tablet Talk will run the same on all tablets which is the way it should be.


  • Some of the settings could be a little confusing to some.
  • A tutorial would be brilliant.

Conclusion: I've really enjoyed my time with Tablet Talk and I'm sure that I'll be using it for a long time to come after all, I do treat my tablet like I would a laptop. I spend a hell of a lot of time on my tablet and during my downtime it's how I relax some times, I'll be on the tablet reading or watching a film and often my phone will be wherever but, I know that the people who need me will text me and so this lets me get back to them without leaving them hanging. If you haven't done so already, you can get Tablet Talk from the Play Store.

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