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These days our smartphones take care of so much that we don't have to use our computers for the things we used to do. For instance, web search has been done on phones for years now but only in the last couple of years has mobile online shopping took off and now it's commonplace for people to compare prices on the go. Not only that but the QR code has become common all over the place and is a fantastic way to promote new stuff and for business to get the word out. The problem with this however, is that often you have to use a number of different apps to get this sort of stuff done. This can be messy and so today we're going to be reviewing an app that aims to solve this and put it all together – ScanLife

Description: The whole idea behind ScanLife is to put all the things that you scan in life altogether in one app – saving you the trouble of remembering which app does what and providing a centralised hub. ScanLife features more than just scanning features and it can be used to spread your contact info by creating your own QR codes in a flash. If you're the type to constantly scan and compare this is the app for you. It's a great app for those in business as well, making it easy to find product information or pass on all manner of contact details.


How It Works:  To get started with ScanLife all you have to do is go ahead and install the app from the Play Store and run it. The app will display some getting started info and then take you through to the main menu, it's from here that you'll be accessing all of the features of the app:

It's fairly straightforward to scan an item straight away – all you need to do is to launch the app and hit scan – the app will present a window and let's say you scanned a PC game you'll get something like this:

You can take a look at all the things you've scanned in the "My Scans" section of the app and from here you can quickly look them again without having to have the item to hand. Making this perfect for those that are forgetful, scan an item and save for later!

As I mentioned in the Description of the app you can create your own QR codes. This is done through the "QR Code" menu, all you do is enter that screen and enter the contact info you want to display There's a whole host of options so you can input everything but your phone number if you want. Once you've created a QR code it'll forever be ready and waiting with this menu for quick access:

One neat feature of the app is that you can see what everyone else is scanning at the moment through the live scan feature:

It's kind of cool and some people out there scan some funny stuff, at times you'll see something that you could do with yourself.

Opinion: I really like ScanLife and quite honestly I am that strange person that scans stuff instead of picking it up there and then. Often here in the UK you're charged a hefty premium for something just because it's on a shelf and when it comes down to games or luxuries you really don't want to pay any more than you have to. Being able to create your own QR code wherever and whenever is genius as well as being a great help to businessmen and women.


  • Speed (5/5) – Super quick to set up and scanning codes is crazy quick.
  • Features (4/5) – ScanLife offers a whole lot when it comes to scanning stuff and it really will help you with shopping and help you do away with business cards.
  • Theme (4/5) – There's a consistent theme that runs throughout the app that's well thought out and the menu system is really good.
  • Overall (4/5) – ScanLife is an excellent app for those that are looking to scan a lot of stuff wherever and whenever – the great thing about it all being in one app is the ability to use it as a shopping helper as well as a memory tool.


  • Scanning games, groceries, clothes or whatever it might be and saving the products is invaluable.
  • ScanLife will give you online prices wherever it can.
  • You can share things through Facebook and Twitter, recommending clothes to friends or whatever else.
  • A lot of other apps do one trick scanning but with this it's all in one app.
  • Being able to create a contact QR code is genius!


  • I'd like to see it tie into Amazon and perhaps eBay but that's probably more to do with them than it is this app.
  • Hooking this app into Evernote or Catch would be a massive boon and it's a shame to not see it here.

Conclusion: ScanLife is one of the better Android utility apps I've come across in recent months. It's fast, helpful and easy to use. It also helps you keep a sort of on-the-go wishlists simply by quickly scanning anything with a barcode and whilst its database might not be all encompassing, it's certainly getting better. I certainly recommend this to those looking for a bargain or just those looking for an easy way to keep a littler better organized. You can grab ScanLife from the Play Store.

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