Featured: AOKP Jelly Bean Build 5 Released, Features Android 4.1.2 and Other Goodies


For those of you that flash custom ROMs, you're probably very familiar with AOKP (Android Open Kang Project). This one of my favorite ROMs out there, as you've probably heard me saw many times before. Last night the AOKP Team released Build 5 which should now be available for all supported devices. There's also a new version of gapps available so be sure to download and use those and not the ones dated in June.

Build 5 of AOKP brings us quite a bit of changes:


New features:

  • Custom NavBar for Tablets
  • NavBar widgets are back from ICS
  • Highly customizable Lockscreen Ring targets, with a shiny new editor in ROMControl! (also thanks to CM for the base of the framework part)
  • Alternate default app picker (like in GB)
  • Menu UI Overflow Toggle
  • Option to disable vibration for Notification expansion
  • RAM Bar in the Recents panel
  • Timeout and instant lock options for Slide lock
  • Tons of beautiful new icons by Kwes
  • VPN Traffic amount in human readable format

The Team has been working to bring back some of our favorite features from ICS, and they've succeeded with the most of those tweaks and features. The team also added support for AT&T Galaxy S3 (d2att) and the AT&T Galaxy Note (quincyatt). And of course, they've updated their source code to Android 4.1.2 so you get all the minor enhancements that came in Android 4.1.2.

For those of you that are AOKP fans out there, be sure to check this one out and download the Kangerator app to be sure you're on the latest build. You can check it out the full release including downloads from the source link below.


Source: AOKP