Featured: Android Ultimate Toolbox Pro, a ROM Customizer's Dream Come True


I'm sure when I say I love XDA Developers, I'm not alone. There are plenty of websites out there for Developers to post their work to. However when I hear of a story involving XDA, it has my full attention. Even if the story has no immediate benefit to me at the moment, I know it benefits the Android Community as a whole, and this story is no different. Recognized Developer despotovski01, has given the community a program that allows for a wide variety of customizing features.

Key features

  1. Update.zip creator
  2. Update.zip signer
  3. Flash kernels
  4. Flash recovery images
  5. Flash upate.zip
  6. Flash system images
  7. Flash data images
  8. Flash splash images
  9. Install APKs (system and user)
  10. Uninstall APKs (system and user)
  11. Check MD5 sums
  12. File manager
  13. Root checker
  14. Root your device
  15. Unroot device
  16. Logger (logcat and dmesg)
  17. Rebooter (normal reboot, reboot in recovery, reboot in bootloader, reboot from fastboot)
  18. Backup manager
  19. Device ID configurator (device name, build number, Android version)
  20. Unlock bootloader
  21. Lock bootloader
  22. Wipe (system, data, cache, boot, recovery)
  23. And much more to come!

Here is a screen shot from my desktop of the actual program. I think despotovski01 did a fantastic job with the layout and look. What do you think?

As I was reading over this I noticed someone in the original post asking if this was only for Nexus devices, because of the little side notes you can see in the bottom left corner of the image. This is referring to the bootloader feature in the program. It will only work for Nexus devices, but other features will work on other devices.


As always there are major risks that come when playing around with ROM's and flashing, even for the experienced rooter. If you mess something up, you could end up with a very expensive paper weight. So if you are new to the world of flashing and rooting, this probably isn't for you just yet. For those of us that have rooted our fare share of devices. I'm sure we have many long nights ahead playing with every feature available.

How many hours do you see yourself playing around with this to get the hang of it?

Source:  Original Post on XDA