Featured Android Game Spotlight: Wild Blood

October 12, 2012 - Written By Justin Diaz

Hey guys Game Spotlight coming to you with some really exciting drops this week. It was hard for me to narrow down a choice with everything that has been released, but I finally came to a conclusion and I had to settle on Gamelofts first game powered by the Epic Unreal engine, Wild Blood. I want to highlight the quality of this game from the very start. Right off the bat, I noticed that Wild Blood was going to be a game I would enjoy. Seeing the games cut scenes that lead into each chapter of the game I felt that they were very well done and provide an important piece of the story that helps really plunge you into the game. As soon as gameplay starts, if you are playing this on a tegra 3 device you immediately notice the slight differences then when the game is played on a non tegra 3 device. I have this downloaded on both my Nexus 7 and my Galaxy Nexus and I do see little graphical differences here and there. I want to be clear though, for a game that is run on the Epic Unreal engine, I feel that it could look quite a bit better. It just doesn’t look as good as it should. That’s not to say it doesn’t look good at all. It certainly does. Certain elements within the game look better than others.

Moving on, let’s talk about the games other attributes. The game is set in a third person mode. You play as Sir Lancelot, one of King Arthurs most trusted Knights Of The Round. Or so Arthur thought. As the story goes, Lancelot was discovered to have been unfaithful to the king with his beloved queen, and in the game Arthur goes mad, and unleashes Morgana his right hand sorceress on the village. Immediately you will find that the game has an odd style of control to it. The camera pan seems to follow you pretty well whenever you are moving around out of battle. What I have noticed and what I have seen some people complaining about is that the camera never follows you the way you want it when in battle. This isn’t actually true as what really happens is that Gameloft developed the game to where the camera would follow your target in battle almost like an auto target. Once you get used to this and get the hang of it (which doesn’t take long) you’ll find that this style of camera control is actually quite useful. My one complaint so far is that the game seems to freeze up a bit on my Nexus 7 but not on my Galaxy Nexus. This is a little annoying, because the Nexus 7 is the device of choice when it comes to wanting to play games like this. The screen is bigger, the processor is better and more graphics driven. It seems like an update is in order to fix this minor problem. And I only say minor because it seems to freeze up more commonly if I have had the game sitting idle for a few minutes or more.

The game has a wonderful spread of customizations available to you, although not all at once of course. As with any action RPG, you must work up to these upgrades and improvements through game progression. You start off with basic armor and a basic sword attack. Not long after the game starts you’ll notice that you get coin drops from every enemy you kill, but there also hidden coin drops in destructible barrels and sacks that are placed around the landscape of the levels. These coin drops, when saved up, will allow you to purchase upgrades for your weaponry, your armor, and your attack abilities as well as attributes or “stats” of your character. From what I have seen so far in game, your main weapon is a sword, but you will have the use of a bow, as well duel axes. There is what looks like three main skins of armor that you have. The main one and then two you can upgrade into, “Demon Hunter” and “Shadow Warrior”. Each with increasing defense and character ability, plus they look badass. You can upgrade stats like Critical attack, Damage, quickness, and then your three elemental powers: Fire, Ice and Lightning. Each with varying levels. From what I can tell so far you have your main attack, a dash move, and then you can equip two out of the three elemental attack capabilities. Lightning and fire are my favorite. You can also equip these attributes to the bow and other weapons you have of course so don’t feel like you have to stick to the sword. Not to mention they can be different from other settings. When it comes to upgrading the armor sets, you spend coins on things like more HP, MP, stamina and speed of movement. Which I think makes for a well-rounded system of character progression.

You have the use of health and mana potions throughout the game to boost your survivability but they don’t come often, so use them wisely. Coins for that matter don’t come as easily as I thought but they aren’t scarce so that’s a good thing. However, despite Gameloft charging $6.99 for this game they have added the ability to purchase more coins for a boost in early game if you so choose. The coins of course will allow you to upgrade your stats and weapon/armor abilities much sooner than if you were just to collect the coins on your own. I’ll admit it’s tempting at times because of a tough part here and there. But that takes all the fun out of it. If you are one of those people that just likes the game for the story though, and care not if the game is too easy, then you can buy the coins in sets of $1.99 all the way up to $99.99 depending on how much difficulty you are willing to forfeit.

Overall, Wild Blood set out to deliver a challenging yet fun and visually impressive game, with a good storyline and plenty of upgradeables. I think it delivered on most of these levels. Fun? Check! Good story? Check! Visually impressive? For the most part. When it comes down to it, the game is a lot of fun and in my opinion is definitely worth the $6.99. Run and pick this one up for a good action RPG game. Especially if you long for the days of Dungeon Hunter 2 style of play. This reminds me of that, but in overdrive. Enough talk, it’s the weekend. Buy this. Play it!