Featured Android Game Spotlight: Death Dome

October 18, 2012 - Written By Justin Diaz

If you’ve been wondering, how can I vent out my frustrations and pent-up weekly rage? Look no further than this weeks Featured Android Game Spotlight. Today I want to highlight Death Dome from Griptonite games. I have mentioned Death Dome before both on its release day and in a feature about the game coming soon. You can check both of those stories out here and here (Because we all know how much you love reading.)

First off, I want to mention that I was quite skeptic of Death Dome’s ability to keep me interested because it is a free title and Glu has their hand in it. I will gladly say that I find the game fun and easy to play and I see why people can get into the gesture based combat games. Because its straight up battling it out head to head action. In case you missed that, Death Dome is a gesture based combat game. Much like the other titles before it in the same genre, Death Dome will have you dodging and blocking various enemy attacks while looking for that crucial time to strike. (the sweet spot we call it) I noticed right away that the graphics are fairly impressive and detailed which made me happy as I enjoy my eye candy and such when I play a game for repeated hours on end. So far, my only complaints about the game are that it has in app purchases(which in my experience, when Glu mobile is responsible for these credits, they are costly and at some point needed to progress further. Although there is no evidence yet that this is the case as I am only level 4 in the game), and that the game feels a little sluggish at times. What I mean by sluggish is that I noticed it lagged a little during a few parts, only for a couple of seconds though. Which, is nothing major to worry about if it doesn’t continue.

The difference from some of the other gesture based combat games I have played and Death Dome is that it seems to have you get a lot more involved into the character. As you move through each battle, you will gain higher ranks and level up like an RPG and we all know when you level up you get better abilities and better equipment. The same is true with Death Dome, and the leveling system is pretty simple to boot. You battle a boss, you gain xp. You battle another boss, you gain more xp. That’s pretty much it for the actual meat and potatoes of the game. After each battle though you have a chance to upgrade your equipment to better weaponry (which may have one of a varied number of elemental attributes) as well as a better shield which will have a certain number of blocks allowed per battle. ( I suppose the blocks reset after each battle. However I have no idea because I have never run out of blocks, I just dodge). In addition to those two upgradable pieces you can also swap you armor out for something better. The item upgrades are purchased with a currency of in-game cash called skulls. You collect them after each battle of course along with the xp you gain, but before each battle starts, you also have a few seconds run through scavenging mode, which will have you touching various points on the screen a number of times to find items in whatever area you will be fighting. Scavenge mode only last a few seconds, so tap the screen quickly to get as much as you can.

All in all the game is well-rounded and provides a fun and very slightly challenging aspect to the gesture battle style of play. Choosing which equipment to use isn’t overly difficult as you can tell what’s best based off of its attack power and defense. Getting used to the dodge timing and the block timing seem to be the most difficult of tasks you’ll have to endear. You learn quickly though how the game plays and Death Dome is not extremely challenging in the first place. If you only enjoy playing games that will give you a challenge you may not get a kick out of what Death Dome has to offer. On the other hand, it is pretty fun and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for short gaming sessions. The pick up and play mentality makes it easy to play for a short burst, than go right back to work if you need to. If you want to check it out than I have made it easy for you and included the link to download it below.