Featured: Android 4.1 Comes to Acer Tablet Series

October 6, 2012 - Written By Christina Gardner


Not too long ago we wrote on how Acer Inconia Tabs A100, A200, and A500 will be getting any Ice Cream love. However, if we travel further up the Acer chain to the A110, A210, and A510 we have a different future. They have a dream that sees Jelly Beans!

Acer has been pretty good when it comes to updating the Android software on their devices. They have received good remarks from previous quarters, and what is called an “A upgrade report card.” Those are some pretty good compliments especially in the world of Android today and manufacturers.

The A700 has also claimed the Jellybean future as well, and Acer is not a bad manufacturer when it comes to technology. They don’t put out top of the line hardware, but they don’t push out really icky hardware like the no name brands you would receive from China, or Hong Kong (speaking from experience).

The update is said to be released later this quarter, as there has yet to be an exact day. Critics are saying this is not a day to rejoice seeing as the earlier generations won’t be getting such Android goodness.

How does the Android world feel? Is Acer a popular Android manufacturer? I see many of them around my campus for those people who don’t have huge financial means. I’ve played with one or two, and they are not that bad for the small gaming purposes.  Bad news received with some very good news.


Source: Computer World / CNet