Featured: Android 4.1.2 does exist! Heading to AOSP Today, Nexus 7 OTA rolling out now


Well I guess it's safe to put those rumors of a new Nexus device launching with Android 4.1.2 to rest. Today Google announced Android 4.1.2, and that Jean-Baptiste Queru was pushing the update to AOSP today. On top of that, those of us with the Nexus 7 (stock of course) would be getting an OTA very soon. The OTA is already pushing out, but is staggered so it may be a few days before you'll get the update.

The changelog for Android 4.1.2 includes:

  • landscape homescreen (Finally!)
  • Performance and stability improvement
  • Bug fixes

Pretty vague change log from Google. But we do finally get a landscape homescreen, which is something we've wanted for quite a while. The update weighs in at about 31MB, so it shouldn't take to long for you to download and update your device. The build is JZO54K, for those interested.

Now if you'll excuse me while I go put my Nexus 7 back to stock and wait for the upgrade to Android 4.1.2. If you've gotten the update, let us know in the comments how it's going for you. Do you notice any other differences than what Google put in the change log?

We've got the update.zip directly from Google's servers linked here, if you know how to update with it go ahead!


Source: EETimesAndroid Building