Featured: Amazon's Kindle Fire HD Line go On Sale in Europe; Nexus 7 Gets Some Competition


The Nexus 7 has been doing quite well in the UK and Europe as a whole, in fact, it's fast become one of the UK's most popular tablets. It's no surprise, with offerings in that price range getting completely blown away by the Nexus 7 and the Tegra 3 chip – not to mention the promise of constant updates. The Nexus 7 has been left unchecked for some time, now though it looks like Europe is about to be treated to the same competition the Nexus 7 experiences in the states. Amazon have seen fit to launch the Kindle Fire in Europe at long last.

They started this run-up with the launch of the Amazon Appstore earlier in the year for most of Western Europe and now it looks like the hardware is making its way across the pond as well. When talking about the UK the original Kindle Fire can be had for £129 ad-supported something that is probably on sale solely to undercut the Nexus 7 8GB at £159. If you want no ads on the original Fire then you'll have to pony up £139, as for the Kindle Fire HD you'll be paying £159 or £199 depending on whether you want 16 or 32GB of storage. As for ads, just add £10 on top of those prices.

Frankly, I find it a little offensive that ads are the default shipment but let's face it, Amazon certainly aren't going to stop the practice and in the UK I see nothing like that with ads on shelves so, maybe here is the market it will hurt them, time will tell. It's been a long time that Europe has gone without Fire hardware from Amazon and it's certainly helped Google and others firmly place their flags however, with Amazon now offering full content in Europe they could gain some ground quickly. With the likes of Kindle already a household name in the UK and Lovefilm taking off there's a lot on offer when it comes to Amazon's offerings. Whether or not Google will have something to stick to them is something we'll see next Monday.

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