Featured: 32GB Nexus 7 Model to get 3G Connectivity [Rumor]

October 18, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Now that we know Google is having an Android event on October 29th, we are going to be seeing even more rumors. Lately we’ve seen plenty of leaks of a 32GB Nexus 7. We’ve also seen that’ll be replacing the 16GB Nexus 7, and priced at $249 just like the current 16GB model. There were also some rumors a few weeks ago about a 3G enabled Nexus 7. That rumor has come to fruition once again.

According to Tabletblog.de, they have a leaked listing for a 32GB Nexus 7 with 3G connectivity. The specs are pointing to GSM and WCDMA connectivity. The site also believes that Google will not release a 16GB Nexus 7 with 3G, which matches up with recent rumors that the 16GB Nexus 7 was going to be no more.

If Google announces the 32GB Nexus 7 and a 3G version later this month in New York City, it’s going to make plenty of people happy. I’ve seen many people waiting for a 32GB version, and even more waiting for a 3G version. I guess they don’t want to tether their phone to the Nexus 7?

Source: Tabletblog.de