EA and Gameloft Promise Full Support of New Nexus Line; Including the 10's Awesome Resolution


A company can have the best hardware out of the entire market but, if you don't have the apps or the games, for that matter, then your device isn't going to do very well at all. Android experienced this when the platform was just getting started, despite much better hardware, the apps and games weren't there. Now though, that Google has proven the Play Store to be a great place for people to set up shop and with the success of the Nexus 7, Android is a strong platform bursting with an array of games that come from all the big named developers as well as small indie developers. It's important for new devices to receive support from big content creators and when it comes to games, there's no content more important than this when it comes to new phones and tablets, you can have the best apps in the world but without games, nobody is going to care.

With that in mind, both EA and Gameloft have come out in full support of the new Nexus line-up, including the Nexus 7. This is nothing but good news, the two companies are some of the biggest game providers for Android and with the Nexus line-up being able to boast such quality games is a good boast for Google and Android as a whole. Gameloft, in particular, have bought the best news, in that they're optimising 10 games for the Nexus 10's incredible resolution of 2560×1600. Whilst this doesn't much at all, this is a big step for the Nexus Tablet, when the iPad launched with its retina display earlier in the year, games didn't run as well on the high-resolution however, thanks to the Nexus 10's powerful processor and optimisation by Gameloft it shouldn't be affected by the same problem The following Gameloft games will be optimised for the Nexus 10's resolution:

If anything, the Nexus 10 can't hit shelves quickly enough for a great many of us. With a stunning resolution, high-power CPU and now a string of games ready at launch the tablet is fast tuning into the best Android tablet available – if it wasn't already. The Nexus 4 is a device that features the fastest CPU and GPU combination out there at the moment, making upcoming games shine better than before. The support is going to become better and better in the future and should hopefully make stock Android look just as strong as it truly is.

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