Droid Game Hub Weekly 10/27/12: Beach Buggy Blitz, Need For Speed Most Wanted, Zombiewood, Zombie Driver THD and More!


Games are a huge hit these days. Android games especially have been gaining steam like mad and we know you want to be on top of the best and most playable as much as we do. That is why we're going to make sure you don't miss a beat. This week we've have a lot of android game news to cover, so we'll just jump right into it…


Beach Buggy Blitz Slashes Tegra Exclusivity; Halloween Themed Update To Boot

Beach Buggy Blitz is one of the more popular titles to hit the Tegrazone app. Vector Unit, the team behind the development of the game and also the team responsible for other great tegra titles like Riptide GP and Shine Runner have pulled out all the stops here. It released just last month and already it has somewhere between 100,000 and 500,000 downloads. It subtly reminds me of a newer, more intensely graphical Mario kart game. With different characters of course and a completely different theme. None the less, its looks and feels like that type of racer. Where you battle it out for first place and must jet to the finish against all odds. You may be saying.. why does this awesome game matter to me? I don't even own a tegra device. Well, the beauty of it all is that you no longer have to. Tegra exclusivity was dropped this week, allowing most fairly recent high-end devices to install and play Beach Buggy Blitz in all its glory. There are only a few devices that were indicated directly, like the GSIII, GSII, and One series devices. That does not mean however that those are the only devices that have been given the compatibility. My Recommendation is to run to the play store and see what fate holds for you in this situation. If you're looking for a fun battle racing game, give it a shot. Oh. And in addition to the update for non-tegra devices, there is a Halloween theme that was dropped in as well. Two new characters were added in as well as a special Halloween themed vehicle called the "Grim Rod". Seems like Vector Unit really wants you to have some spooky fun this holiday. Trick or Treat gamers!






Need For Speed: Most Wanted Blazes Onto The Play Store Oct. 30th

You guys remember Need for Speed? Sure you do. Undercover, Undercover 2, Carbon, Most Wanted. There's just too many to name in the franchise. If you're a fan of this series of racers then you know just how fun and downright badass they can be. I can't even begin to explain how many hours were spent on Need for Speed: Undercover 1 and 2. Countless for lack of a better description. That being said, most of the fans out there are excited for the release of the new Need For Speed: Most Wanted which is slated to release for PS3 and Xbox on next week on the 30th. The best news, is that its apparently releasing for Android the very same day. Even better is, if you're the proud owner of a brand new Galaxy Note II, you get the game for free. Yes, upon release it will be available for install without payment to anyone using the 5.2 inch behemoth. If you're skeptical about all this and think it's too good to be true, head on over to the EA website and check for yourself. Confirmation is listed right on their page. I haven't picked up a controller and played a Need For Speed game in longer than I can remember. After watching the trailer for this one, I am beyond excited and can't wait to spend my downtime at work running from the cops in the coolest and fastest cars known to man. And MODS!!! I love the mods that you can install on all the cars. Thank you EA and I can only hope that you allow the same customization factor here. Hit up the Play Store on the 30th, and be the first person to download this awesome game. We'll surely keep you up to date and when it is released the day of, you can bet there will be a review headed your way to help you justify dropping the cash moneys on this bad boy.



Zombiewood From Gameloft Helps Unleash Your Inner Director


Do you like movies? Do you enjoy the Zombie apocalypse? Are you a fan of games that hoist you into battle against an army of undead with nothing but an arsenal of weapons at your disposal? I am. I know you are too. With Halloween fast approaching I've seen my fair share of spooky themes involving ghouls and ghosts and the like. From games to TV shows to foods and music. And Gameloft games are no exception. What am I talking about? Zombiewood, of course. Hollywood's best and brightest are in trouble. You want to keep watching movies don't you? Fancy a night at the box office with that special someone? Good. Then get off your lazy ass and kill some zombies. The flesh eating undead have descended upon tinsel town and they threaten everything we love about that escape from reality on the big screen. Gameloft hasn't left us with nothing to defeat our slightly less living foes though, so rest assured you'll be well equipped. Plenty of upgradeable weapons can be amassed and you can use them to kill, kill, kill. The game will be free to play, and expect the in app purchases to be available for your enjoyment. With Gameloft, these purchases don't seem to ever be a requirement to progress through a certain part in the game, they are there however to make things easier. We call this a tool for the lazy gamer. You know who you are. You won't put it in the work and dedication to get things done without shortcuts. You probably also used a game genie on everything. If you haven't had enough of the zombie annihilation this month, run… or drag your feet… over to the Google play store and pick up this dual stick shooter from Gameloft.






Halloween comes to Bad Piggies; Flight In The Night adds 15 New Levels As Well As Some Spooky Fun

Bad Piggies has barely been with us a month. Halloween is just around the corner and it seems that everyone has something to offer up during this fun and eventful holiday. Rovio is well known especially for their updates during the season changes in Angry Birds Seasons, which uses themes that highlight the different holidays throughout the year. The birds can't have all the fun though. The pigs need a little fun too. So, Rovio listened and decided Halloween was just as good a' time as any to show how fun the holidays can be with their games. If you've been playing Bad Piggies like there's no tomorrow, then you'll be happy to discover the update that added not only a little Halloween fun to your gaming sessions, also added in 15 new levels for you to build contraptions through as well. "Flight In The Night" is available for download now so If you already own the game, update your apk immediately! If you haven't checked out Bad Piggies just yet, I suggest you get in on this fun. The link to the Play Store download is below. Enjoy and happy Halloween!




Beasts And Blades Hits Kickstarter; Gives Out Free Playable Demo

You know Kickstarter. Or you should by now, we have talked about it enough on here. Basically, it allows you to put your project up on the web for backing from various sources. Even we common folk can donate to the cause. Well, the developers of Beasts and Blades have done just that, knowing full well how difficult it can be to make your project appeal more to backers then your competition. In spite of this, Seattletek has decided not only to charge into kickstarter full steam ahead, but in hopes of boosting their possible number of backers, they have given out a free playable demo of the game so people can see what they're putting their hard earned money towards. Beasts and Blades will be a turn based RPG Dungeon Crawler. The game itself will have various playable characters and plenty of action. It's important to note that while the game is scheduled for a release across multiple platforms (PC, mac, Linux, browser based, iOS, and Android) that the playable demo of the game is currently only available for the PC version. So what do you guys think? Is it worth it? Check out the playable demo and if it strikes your fancy, head on over to the kickstarter page to help the cause!

Zombie Driver THD coming soon to the Play Store

Zombies are everywhere. Not just figuratively because if the apocalypse were to happen they would be, but literally. Zombie games have taken over just about every platform of gaming you can get your hands on. Android of course is no exception, as the upcoming tegra hit Zombie Driver THD is due soon to release for Android devices. Its currently out on Steam right now, and when it releases on android will be available to tegra 3 devices only. At least for the time being. If it's popular enough we may see it drop for other devices as well. Read more about this soon to be smash hit, Zombie Driver THD, which is possibly going to show up on play store shelves in time for Halloween. Perfect!


Crytek Releases Fibble-Flick N'Roll Onto Amazon App Store

The saying "can it run Crysis?" quickly became the standard question to ask when talking about pc's and gaming platforms. It fast became an internet meme sweeping the nation as an iconic staple for machines that had massive gaming power. Crytek, the company behind the famous first person shooter with the most impressive graphics I've ever seen has just released a game onto Android called Fibble-Flick N'Roll. Not onto the play store however, but on the Amazon App Store. Very subtly also, which is weird because you'd think that they would want to put it out there for the masses with this being there second game on mobile and all. Fibble-Flick N'Roll is a puzzle game with a mix of strategy, physics and action gameplay. This is Crytek, so expect the game to look ridiculously intense and realistic. If you have access to the amazon app store, then jump over and check this game out. If not I have included the link below for you.

Amazon App Store: Fibble-Flick N'Roll


Theme Park From EA Lets You build… Well.. Theme Parks

Tired of world builders yet? If you love the genre then probably not. EA has seen fit to maximize opportunity here and have presented us with another sim type game where you can build theme parks for all your digital enjoyment. There are many rides and things around the park you can interact with to keep busy and make your park money. Many of the rides actually play like mini games and can affect changes in your park. If you need to generate some revenue, just scroll around the park and tap away on some of the favorite attractions. You also gain XP by doing these things so utilize your time in game wisely. In addition to the cash you can make, a currency of in game tickets has been implemented to build some of the more popular rides and attractions. Just as you are probably expecting, tickets are hard to come by. Not to worry though, if you're willing to part with some real world money that you worked oh so hard for, then you can take advantage of the in app purchases and grab up some more tickets. If you love builder games, check out the link below.




Penny Arcade Brings On The Rain-Slick Precipice Of Darkness 3 to Android

Fans of turn based RPG's rejoice. Penny Arcade has dropped On The Rain- Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 onto Android. The launch for pc was not too long ago, so it's no surprise to see this android and iOS release. The game will set you back $2.99 but a clever little bonus that Penny Arcade decided to add in was the first DLC pack for the game. While I haven't followed the series, this one seems to stay pretty true to the turn based genre of RPG titles while adding that ever so popular comedic dialogue that can really lift a game to new heights. If you're a Penny arcade fan and have played the other two in this particular series, now's your chance to continue the wacky gameplay On The Rain has to offer.