Droid Game Hub Weekly 10/20/12: Razor Salvation THD, Global Outbreak, Shadowgun Deadzone, Marvel War Of The Heroes and More!



Razor Salvation THD; Shoot Aliens Save The World

Razor Salvation THD is a game where you must ward off waves of alien attacks in battle to keep them from... well pretty much killing you and everyone you love. Seems grim, but hey, if this really happens wouldn't you like to be prepared? It's sort of a mix between a wave tower defense and a first person shooter, much like Sanctum on Steam if you have ever played that.  It's Tegra powered and you will need a Tegra 3 device to play it at this time. You will control a dropship that has been tasked with wasting every alien you see, and will have 8 different weapons aboard to aid you in disposing of the hateful bastards, all with varying degrees of firepower. The game will cost you about $2.00 in the play store or you can find it in the TegraZone app. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments. I may have just found my new game for the weekend.

Real Football 2013; Available Now With A Five Finger Discount

Football fans will love this new title available from Gameloft. The follow-up to last year's soccer game, Real Football 2013 seems to be already quite a hit and doing better than its predecessor. It is now available from Gameloft for FREE on the Google play store, although it is a "freemium" title so there will be some in app purchases you will have to make to acquire certain in-game features. This should come as no surprise to most, as Gameloft loves this game model. The graphics, game mechanics, and controls all seem to have had quite an update from last year's version of the game. Gameloft finally seems to be coming around on their games lately. The games management system has been update, which allows you to start your own club and make it all the way to the top by yourself. Gameloft has also acquired an official FIFPro license, which has made it possible for them to use personal names and face portraits for over 3,000 of the world's top players. Pretty impressive and certainly gives the game much more realism. Real Football 2013 is FREE and available for download for any android device running 2.3 and up. Any Football(soccer) fans out there itching to give this a try over the weekend?




Global Outbreak; Zombie Apocalypse In Your Town

Who out there like me can't get enough of Zombie themed games? Anyone, Anyone, Anyone, .... If you answered yes to one of or this only question then you may like global outbreak. It's a new Zombie game that works off of Geo-Location to give you a more local gaming experience while you're relieving the undead of their.... un-lives. You have a range of upgradable weaponry at your disposal to help you mow down each and every last one of those flesh-eating mindless mongrels. And who can complain about more weapons? The control system is also designed "from the ground up" for touchscreen devices so it's extremely easy to play the game with just a finger, thus, keeping all your other fingers free to relax. The game is free-to-play and is available now so if you're feeling a little zombie fever, quarantine yourself into a room and play this for an hour or two. Although if you actually have a fever, you may want to get that checked out.





Shadowgun Deadzone Update; Bug Fixes, New Features, More Death, More Fun

I know you've all been getting down on some Shadowgun Deadzone. At least those of you with tegra devices should be. The epic third person shooter from madfinger games turned into a multiplayer deathmatch killing frenzy when Deadzone was released into open beta for all tegra devices these last couple weeks, and to say the least it's a hell of a lot of fun for some on the go multiplayer action. There are definitely some limitations to the game in its current stage but it is a beta after all. And we all know the point of a beta is to smooth out the bugs. Which is exactly what madfinger has done this week. This first update to Shadowgun Deadzone adds bug fixes for performance, game lags, and radar accuracy in certain areas, as well as added performance optimization and a giant list of new features like fall damage, the ability to throw grenades while moving, and special effects for spawning. The update also improve the ragdoll physics of the game, has improved team balancing, weapons are now balanced, and mines and sentry guns are now disabled in Deathmatch mode. That last one is a little sad because I liked the mines and sentry guns. On the flip side of that, I hate all you bastards that were sitting in a corner behind your sentry gun like a little bitch as people walked by. There will always be campers in any game trying to make up for how much they blow, so this update pleases me more than disappoints. All of these fresh new features are making me excited just talking about them. Anyone up for a match? If so, and you own the game, throw your gamertag in the comments and maybe we can play a match or two. Or six.




Marvel War Of The Heroes Hits The Play Store; A Strategy Card Game For Comic Fans

I haven't played card games like this since I was a kid. And even than I was more into actual video games and such. Still, there is a certain feel to a game like these. That being said, I know there a lot of fans out there for strategy card games which is obvious because of all the different ones that are out there from Pokemon, to Magic: The Gathering. More and more of them have also been showing up on Android to give you that same experience but on the go, and it sure as hell makes it easier to keep track of all your cards. No more binders or sleeves full of decks to play with. Just one phone and lots of fun. For those who like these games of course. In Marvel War Of The Heroes you will play as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who must put together of team of super heroes, and thwart the evil plans of villains to take the world's supply of ISO-8. What is ISO-8 you ask? Something important I'm guessing, or the villains wouldn't want it yeah? Now I'm not one who understands strategy card games or will even begin to try. From what I understand though, this iteration from Marvel will come with its perplexity's even for seasoned card game players. The idea apparently is build your deck a certain way and is not as much about the combat. You will start by picking your team of heroes, add in some power ups, then go do some missions to gain points and upgrade your deck's stats. Upon beginning the battle with some of the world's most insidious super villains, your choices are more or less locked in and the outcome lies in the hands of fate as your deck goes up against the enemy deck. It's not really turn based from what it sounds like so this may feel a bit different for some. Original artwork is abound and the graphics are pretty to look at which is always nice. If card games are your thing, assemble your team once you download the game from the link below. The game is free to play.




W.E.L.D.E.R. makes its way to Android Shores; Word gameplay with a dash of laughter

Most of you may not have heard about W.E.L.D.E.R. Hell, I haven't heard about it. It seems though that this word based game is all the rage over on iOS. Loosely following in the footsteps of games like scrabble, boggle, and bejeweled, W.E.L.D.E.R. takes the idea of scrabble and throws in to hyperdrive at 1gazillion gigawatts. I'm not kidding, gigawatts is part of the game board. Check the picture. In this game you have to create word combos with a variety of different tile types to maximize your point accumulation. Seems familiar right? Well, take those points you've acquired from the use of your diverse vocabulary and add in some special abilities, and all of a sudden things don't seem so.... Familiar. Yes, the word game world has just been turned on its head. Gigawatts, special abilities, new words and definitions you had no idea existed.... I mean what kind of word game is this? I guess we'll just have to find out eh? If you are intrigued by my compelling description, you'll have to pony up $2.99 to download this popular little gem. The reviews at this point are very promising. W.E.L.D.E.R. just might turn out to be a big hit on Android as well. If you're interested, hit the download button below. And make sure to watch this hilarious video about the game before you do so.

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