Droid Daily 10/16/12: LG Optimus G, Sprint, Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Note 2 ISIS Mobile Wallet, and More


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 shown off as an Educational device


We all know about the Galaxy Note 10.1 right? With the S-Pen and everything else it comes with. I've long thought that the device would be great in classrooms, and apparently Samsung has agreed with my thoughts. They've just shown off the device as an educational device. Source


Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hitting Sprint October 25th for $299.99

The long awaited arrival of the Galaxy Note 2 in the US is starting. First to officially announce a release date is Sprint. They will have the device starting next Thursday, and it'll be available on-contract for $299.99. So far no information about the full price for those not upgrade-ready. Source

Galaxy Note and Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update will arrive in Canada "Before the Holidays"


Good news for our Canadian friends. It looks like the original Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S3 will be getting the update to Android 4.1 – Jelly Bean before the Holidays, which are quickly approaching. As for the rest of us here in the States, we have to wait for our respective carriers to approve the updates before they are released. So it might be later. Source

Life Fitness announces new Exercise Equipment, they are Android compatible!

If you go to a gym, chances are you've used a Life Fitness machine. Well today Life Fitness just announced a whole new lineup of exercise machines which are android compatible, using the LF Connect App. Source


Alcatel: Android Tablets with interchangeable covers

I have a bad feeling that Apple is going to sue Alcatel over this. Look carefully at the picture above, the cover works a lot like Apple's "Smart covers" that fit their tablet. But anyways these covers fit the One Touch Evo 7 tablet made by Alcatel. Source

Chaos Rings will soon be available for Rooted users to play!


We talked about this briefly on the podcast last night, but Chaos Rings is a $12.99 game that cannot be installed on a rooted device, and for quite a few people it force close's at the startup screen. But at least the Rooted users problem will go away soon. Hopefully the force close's end soon as well. Source.

Verizon Galaxy Nexus on Sale for $0.01 on Amazon Wireless

There's no doubt the Galaxy Nexus is still a great device, and one of the very few devices running Jelly Bean. Even if Verizon took an extra 3 months to push it through to their Galaxy Nexus. With the new Nexus coming out soon, well anticipated too anyways, many are holding off and waiting for the new Nexus. But at $0.01 it's kinda hard not to pick it up. Source


Sprint LG Optimus G get's benchmarked

The guys over at Android Central were lucky enough to get an Optimus G on Sprint for a review, and Jerry has put together a video of benchmarks and some other hardware testing. We've embedded the video above, but hit the source link for the complete details. Source

Apple gets another patent related to the original iPad's design

Here we go again, Apple has been granted another patent. This time it relates to the original iPad design from back in 2010. As much as we dislike that Cupertino company, we have to talk about it because we know some how they are going to use that patent against Android. Source


ISIS Mobile Wallet app appears in the Play Store, no Official Announcements from Carriers yet

The Google Wallet competitor that is ISIS Mobile Wallet. The version of ISIS that's on the Play Store is for T-Mobile devices. But if you want to use it, you have to visit T-Mobile for a new SIM card, as ISIS uses a different SIM card. Pretty annoying right? Source