Droid Daily 10/12/12: Galaxy S3, Sprint LTE, Galaxy Note 2, AOKP, Motorola, and More


Galaxy S3 battery vs the iPhone 5's battery, who's the winner?

This is something the guys over at Android Authority likes to do, pin one phone against the other. This time they've taken one of our favorite Android devices right now, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and compared it's battery life to the iPhone 5 which just hit the market last month. So who won? Click the source to find out. Source


22 More Locations announced for Sprint LTE

Sprint's 4GLTE Logo
Source Credit: Sprint's Website

This morning Sprint shared with us about two dozen new LTE cities that will see LTE soon. We still have no specific dates. But the markets include places in California, Florida, Tennessee, Kansas, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Maryland,  and Illinois. Source

Brown Samsung Galaxy S3 hits Verizon for $199, Best Buy to have the 32GB version for $199 as well

Earlier this week we told you about the Black and Brown Galaxy S3's which were coming to Verizon. It appears that the Amber Brown Galaxy S3 will be $199 on Verizon's site and in their retail store. But what's interesting is that Best Buy will have the Amber Brown, 32GB Galaxy S3 for $199 as well. Source


Galaxy Note 2 in Canada launching on Mobilicity on October 30th, Pre-order and get $50 off

For our Canadian readers, yesterday we told you TELUS would have the Galaxy Note 2 on October 30th, now it looks like Mobilicity will also get it on October 30th. They are also offering $50 off if you pre-order. Source

New AOKP Kangerator app tells you to get the latest build, if you don't already have it flashed


Do you run AOKP? I do from time to time, I usually switch from CyanogenMod to AOKP when a big new build comes out. But now thanks to adamthecashew from AOKP's development team we'll have an app similar to CM's Updater to make sure you've got the right build on your device. Source

New soak test for the Motorola XOOM Wifi tablet, Possibly Android 4.1.2

By now we all know that the XOOM wifi edition is the only device supported by AOSP that is not a Nexus device. So generally right after a new build of Android hits, and the Nexus devices all get an OTA, Motorola and Google do a soak test for the XOOM Wifi, and is usually available shortly after. Now it looks like Android 4.1.2 is on it's way. Source


The Motorola Razr i now available on Orange and T-Mobile in the UK

Motorola and Intel's first Android device, the Razr i is now available on both Orange and T-Mobile UK. For those that don't know about the Razr i, it's running an Intel processor clocked at 2.0GHz plus some other great specs. Source