Droid Daily 10/10/12: Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Confirmed, CM10 Hits a Few More Devices, Sprint has a Few OTA's, and Much More!


Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini announcement confirmed for tomorrow

We've seen leaks of the Galaxy S3 Mini a lot lately. We've also kind of wondered why Samsung is bringing out a mini version of their extremely successful Galaxy S3. But honestly some people don't want a 4.8" device, some want a smaller device. What would be interesting is if Samsung can cram the same specs in this smaller form factor as in the original Galaxy S3. But I would expect a slightly smaller battery in the Galaxy S3 Mini. Source


Canada also considers Huawei a Security Threat

This is based on creating a secure network. And Canada doesn't believe Huawei and ZTE are not safe enough to build a secure network in Canada. Here's what the Canadian Prime Minister had to say:

"The government's going to be choosing carefully in the construction of this network, and it has invoked the national security exception for the building of this network."



Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G and Samsung Exhilarate get's CM 10

Jelly Bean CyanogenMod 10

Good news for owners of the Blaze 4G and Exhilarate. Looks like you can now enjoy some Jelly Bean on your device. And the latest nightly of CyanogenMod 10 has Android 4.1.2 incorporated in it, so the launcher will be able to rotate without changing any settings. As always you can find downloads of CM 10 at get.cm. Source


Sprint's Galaxy S2/Epic 4G Touch and ZTE Fury get an OTA

Sprint has just pushed out a couple of minor updates. Updating the Sprint Galaxy S2, Epic 4G Touch to version S:D710:10S:F127 and brings fixes for VPN and MMS issues over 3G and a few other minor fixes. The ZTE Fury got bumped up to software version N850V1.0.0B14 which brings a few stability improvements, and slightly better battery life. You can pull down these updates by going to Settings, About Phone, Check for Updates. Source

Google Play Magazines now available in Australia, App gets bumped to v1.1


Great news for our Australian readers. Google Play Magazines which was announced at Google I/O this past June, are now available in your country. The Google Play Magazines app also got bumped up to version 1.1 bringing a significant performance improvement. Source

The Nexus One is headed to space in 2013, according to NASA and HTC

You might be asking "Didn't the Nexus One already go to space?" Actually it did, back in 2010. The Nexus S went into space as well. Now it seems as if the Nexus One is making a second trip to space. NASA and HTC outlined the whole project. You can get all the details from the source.


Android 4.1.2 Factory Images for the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 get posted

Yesterday Google announced Android 4.1.2, they also pushed to AOSP and an OTA over to the Nexus 7. Today we saw a few ROMs add Android 4.1.2 to their newest version, which included CyanogenMod 10 and Jellybro. Google today posted new factory images for the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7. Only the GSM unlocked Galaxy Nexus images are posted though. So if you want Android 4.1.2, go get it! Source

All-in-one-Toolkit now available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2


If you've rooted your device before, then you are probably familiar with XDA forum user mskips. He has put together toolkits for most of the devices I've owned in the past year, and he's just put one out for the Galaxy Note 2. Now the Note 2 is still not available in the US yet. And most likely once it is, mskips will need to update his toolkit, but you'll be able to root, install drivers, backup/restore and much more. Source