The Samsung/Google Chromebook: A Chrome OS Laptop

September 1, 2012 - Written By Mike Corbett


So this is going to be an article about a length of time. I received this laptop quite a while back for review. On day one, out of the box, it was… less than desirable! In fact it sat in my cupboard for a good amount of time, it only came out when I read there were updates and when my wife needed a spare computer.

She even wondered what was up with quotes like:

"Why does it shut off at random times, what did I do?"
"How come I can not open windows with out it crashing"
"Where is this program or that program"

It was not easy to use and it constantly had issues it seemed, now, as of early August, maybe it was late July, it received a good series of updates and these have helped a lot, they seemed to make it faster and much more reliable, they seemed to utilize the dual core abilities of the laptop as well as the memory. Lots of different changes and updates, last night I was on it a few hours and it worked great, I had multiple windows open and even a few instances of flash going, at the same time!

Upon arrival I tried to do some Google+ Hangouts, they were not very successful. On prior chrome OS devices I had even less success, at least it worked better than the last ones. I plan to use this in a few more hangouts now that it has become a lot better.

In June I received a Google ChromeBox as well, it ran better than the chromebook since day 1, however, it also has these new updates and runs better as well. The chromebox can now run sound over HDMI and a USB camera. The chromebook is just over all faster and works a bit better.

To finalize this review, I am going to say that I would love to own a chromebook! This is a nice laptop with a lot going on for it. It is lightweight, turns on instantly and works great! Fast, and reliable (now). A worth while laptop to take almost anywhere.