Featured: Zombies, Driving, and THD graphics coming in October


Driving games are extremely popular these days. So are zombie games. With both of these genres being pioneered into stellar gaming fame due to such titles as the gran turismo and need for speed series, and games like Resident Evil, it's hard to dispute the two as heavyweights in the gaming space. What you don't or haven't seen a lot of, if any at all, is a game where you must drive to escape the zombie hordes. Zombie Driver THD aims to change all that. It's simple really, whats the best way to escape any impending zombie massacre? A vehicle of course! They're fast, they hold up as decent armor from zombie attacks and make it hard to become that next meal. Plus, what could be more fun than running over hordes of zombies to get to safety? The guys over at EXOR studios get this, and that's why they started developing Zombie Driver THD.

The initial announcement for this game came last November. I remember scrolling through my tegrazone app and seeing the highlight for this title in the news feed. Did I drool at the thought of this crude and taboo gaming mash-up? No, because I'm civilized and I didn't want a moisture damaged phone. You can bet your ass though that I was overjoyed to see this as a title released potentially in the future. Fast forward to today and we finally have an official release date from the fellas over at EXOR, October 17th. The release will be coming to us just shy of everyone's favorite ghoulish holiday, Halloween. What better time of year to release a game that focuses on killing zombies, am I right??? Exor ensures us that this haven of zombie killing action will be unleashed onto Tegra equipped Android devices October 17th, and coming to other platforms later on in the year like XBLA and Steam. So if you don't rock a Tegra device yet, not to worry you still might get your chance at this lovely little game.


How much will it set you back? $6.99 of course. This price seems to be a growing trend for games of this stature, which doesn't surprise me in the slightest. The question is can Zombie Driver live up to the cost that gamers will have to shell out to get their hands on it? We'll see soon enough. While this amount may seem like a little much for some gamers, I have faith that core gamers, and gamers that appreciate a videogames true quality will see the value in this. The game boasts a hefty list of features and game modes to boot, on top of its Tegra 3 enhanced graphics, making Zombie Driver start to shape up into a neat little mobile power house. Offering three different game modes which include Campaign, Blood Race, and a Wave Attack will keep the game fresh and fun, all while offering up a heaping helping of weapon upgrades, variety of vehicles, and even trick combinations to help fight off the hordes of flesh eating mindless undead. A more complete list of the games features can be found below.

It seems like the game will initially only support Tegra devices at launch. You can expect to see some better graphical enhancements for devices running a Tegra 3 chip like destructible objects and environment. Unfortunately EXOR has not made the information public as to whether or not we will see this on all Android devices, so if you have the means, now would be a good time to run out and pick up that ever popular new tablet, the Nexus 7! As I have also come to learn, it seems that the guys at EXOR have also made a very wide variety of gaming controls for the game, including gamepad support, keyboard input, and two sets of on-screen touch controls. This excites me, as I can use my fingers, my newly acquired Bluetooth keyboard, (thank you Logitech) or my gamepad. The choices are ENDLESS MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! For me at least. Raise your hand if you think that this was a good choice on part of the development team. No one? Anyone? No? ok. I thought so. Anyway, the game looks to be pretty promising and you can definitely expect an upcoming review of it upon release. It might even become game of the week! Who knows. Until then, enjoy the video and eyeball the features to get your mind racing and heart pounding at all the fun you'll have.

List of features for Zombie Driver THD:

  • Campaign of untold proportions with 31 different missions with special vehicles to attain, night missions and boss fights to give it that level of difficulty we have all come to love and appreciate over the years
  • Blood race mode – 30 different events that will boast a totally tantalizing arcade racing experience unlike any other with multiple game types:
    • Race: The racing we all know and love. Only, with tons of guns and even more zombies
    • Eliminator:  Destroy as many vehicles as possible before the clock strikes ZERO!
    • Endurance: Race through checkpoints to extend the time on the clock and avoid being blown up by the bomb on your vehicle.
  • Wave attack- Survive never ending waves of undead in 7 grotesque and horrifying levels
  • Tons of vehicles to assist in your job of zombie disposal: 13 in all including a tank and a school bus
  • 9 different vehicle upgrades
  • Vehicle mounted weapons: flamethrowers, dual rail guns, machine guns, rocket launchers and much more
  • 3 levels of weapon power ups
  • Physx by nVIDIA