Featured: When is A Tablet not A Tablet? When it’s Storage Options’ £50 Scroll Pocket “Mini Tablet”

September 28, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

Android has been around for so long now that we’re accustomed to seeing it a wide variety of screen sizes, from phones like the Galaxy Note 2 to tablets like Toshiba’s Excite 13 – it’s everywhere. This makes Android the perfect solution for manufacturers to deliver a boatload of choice to their customers. One such company that’s taking advantage of this is UK based Storage Options, they’ve been shipping quality yet affordable tablet devices for some time now and they’re bringing a strange one to market this time around. With the Scroll Pocket “mini-tablet” they’re hoping that consumers will be happy to buy a tablet that really isn’t a tablet but also a phone that isn’t really a phone.

The Scroll Pocket comes with a 4.3″ display and 4GB of storage with a microSD card slot. However, there aren’t any details just yet on what processor or resolution the screen will be running at but, for £50 I don’t think it’ll be running anything higher 480×800 and a CPU running at 1Ghz. This is certainly an interesting concept – the idea of something that fits in whatever pocket you want and I can certainly see it appealing to a younger market however, without data service I struggle to see how useful the tablet will become. It’s a shame that Storage Options aren’t going to offer a version with room for a SIM card but, at £50 I don’t think you’ll find many people complaining.