Featured: Verizon Announces LG Intuition Coming on 6th September with a $200 Price Tag

LG Intuition reupload 84848

After a long wait, Verizon has finally come forward and officially announce the availability of LG Intuition. reports and rumors pointed towards a 6th September launch and fortunately those were true, Verizon just confirmed this in a press release. The price would be $200 with a contract of course.

LG Intuition is the closest to a rival Galaxy Note has ever had. It comes with a pretty challenging specs a 1.5GHz Dual-Core processor and a 5″ display with a pretty odd 4:3 aspect ratio that maximizes the usage of screen and leaving no dead space, claims the manufacturer. 8 megapixel rear camera and a 1.3 megapixel front facing camera for all your voice calling needs. The 5″ form factor makes it 0.3″ smaller than the Note. Let’s not forget the S-Pen rival Rubberdium Pen (Who names these things?) that can be used to draw stuff and take notes in handwriting just like you would on the Note.

With the recent announcement of Galaxy Note 2, I don’t see consumers getting hyped up for the under-powered LG Intuition. Even the !st gen Galaxy Note has made its way to US carriers including T-Mobile and has already received a warm welcome by consumers. However, only time will tell us about the success of the Intuition in US, it may hit a breakthrough because Verizon doesn’t offer Galaxy Note and this could be the perfect opportunity for Verizon subscribers to get their hands-on a device similar in a way to the All time popular Galaxy Note phablet.