Featured: Transformer Prime and Transformer Pad Infinity Jelly bean Update Confirmed Coming Soon

September 26, 2012 - Written By Justin Diaz

A big couple of days for ASUS fans out there. Yesterday I reported that ASUS was sending out Jelly Bean updates to its former flagship device the Transformer Prime (tf201) tablet. The catch was that it was only to devices in Sweden. I am happy to announce that the rest of the world will soon share the same love that users in Sweden saw yesterday. Via the official ASUS facebook page(which seems to be a trend if you’re wanting to inform your users of updates or teasers.) they have announced that North American versions of the Transformer Prime will be getting the Update to Jelly Bean “soon.” Not just North America either, as the update will make its way to users on a GLOBAL scale. This is just too much good news and believe me the excitement for Prime users right now is probably through the roof. I know because it’s hard for me to type while I’m jumping up and down in my seat. Literally SHEER MADNESS over here!!!

On top of the good news for Prime owners, comes some love to those who own the Transformer Pad Infinity (tf700) as well. Looks like ASUS didn’t want to leave you guys (and gals) out of the loop, because the Infinity will be getting the update to 4.1 Jelly Bean as well. How’s that for a little humpday treat eh? A damn good one if you ask me. Now ASUS didn’t state the nature of how much time should pass before we see this update start to hit our devices, but they are typically one of the fastest at rolling out updates to their devices and are usually on top of things in this department. Seeing as how they like to notify you days before hand, my guess is we should see this update sometime between now and the end of the weekend. This most recent update push feels a little like the story of the tortoise and the hare. Slow and steady, but we got jelly bean coming. Which makes us winners. Start checking your devices daily. I have been doing this since yesterday. Who’s ready for some jelly bean?