Featured: Top Ten Games for the Month of August 2012

We all like Games, right? Of course we do! Here at Android Headlines we really love games. If you haven't noticed yet, our own Justin Diaz is a massive gamer and he focuses on whatever game he deems the best each and every week so, if you haven't before go and check those out. I, myself, am a bit of a gamer and I'm really enjoying finding new games to play on my shiny One X so, from now on, let's find these new games together shall we? From here on we're starting a Top Ten games of the month series! This time around we're doing the top ten games of August!

10. Stick Tennis

I'm an old school gamer and even though I'm not that old I've owned some really old systems and so I have fond memories of playing Virtua Tennis 2 on my (not so old) Dreamcast with friends. It was glorious and whilst some of you will tell me there's a version available in the Play Store - I've played it - I'd say this was more fun. Stick Tennis hasn't been out for that long and let's face it, Tennis when it's boiled down is a fairly simple game so, why not couple it with simple graphics that get down to the gameplay? This is what you'll be getting here. Good gameplay just how you like it.

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9. Graffiti Ball

From the folks that bought you the awesome Paper Toss years ago comes Graffiti Ball. A game based on physics that really takes advantage of the touchscreen as well as making you really think of how to acheive the goal. The aim of the game is to get the ball to the goal but, you have to draw the path which the ball will take. This sounds easy enough but once you add in physics and a fairly bouncy ball and you're left with some tricky situations indeed. This is a game best for those casual gamers and for a bite sized play or two over a lunch break.

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8. Kingdoms and Lords

A new one from the goliath that is Gameloft. This new title puts you in a sort of Civilisation esque setting and has you take your small village to build a militia to defend yourself from not only barabarians but the Dark King that has returned to conquer the land. The emphasis is not just on strategic combat here but on keeping the War machine going. You have an economy to take care off on a daily basis and you've got to keep things going smoothly to keep the war effort alive. As a Gameloft game you can expect a high level of polish and of course, it's free to play.

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7. Agent Dash

Here's a game that comes to you from the guys behind Flick Golf, the same game you've more than likely lost days playing. With Agent Dash you can think of Temple Run on steroids. Here's a game that you can pick up and play and have a lot of fun playing but, it's going to take time to master and will be sure to provide you with hours and hours of fun. The dev here knows how to make addictive games and this is no different so, please, if you've got some stuff you need to get done then don't play this.

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6. Where's My Perry

Let's be honest, we all love a good puzzle game. So long as it's done right. With Where's my Perry you're presented with an intriguing puzzle game that requires you use water in all it's forms which is a pretty flexible substance so, expect some variation between levels here. The app is of course from the folks at Disney so I doubt the kids are going to mind having to help you out which, if we're honest if more often than not.

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5. Zombie Terminator

There's something about the undead that makes them fantastic candidates for video games, of course, it's probably got something to do with them being Cannon Fodder. Whether or not you're a fan of the brilliant Dead Trigger shouldn't dissuade you from picking this game up. Based around the idea of, killing zombies, this new entry brings you a good amount of fun weapons with simple, satisfying gameplay. If you're happy to play a game with some violence thrown in then be my guest and take a look at Zombie Terminator.

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4. Organ Trail: Director's Cut

Normally I'd have said that you need to be of a certain age to have enjoyed Oregon Trail but, seeing as Gameloft did a good job of reviving it on Android you've probably played it. This, however, is a little different. This is a game that will remind you of all those games you played on that 16-bit computer back in the day and, if you're not that old then there are Zombies so, you're covered, too. With interestingly spooky, darkly humorous gameplay this is going to keep you entertained for hours. You and four friends are off in a station wagon to evade the Zombie hoarde so, naturally you're friends are probably gonna die but whether or not you'll be putting them down yourself is something you'll have to find out. This is a must play.

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3. Granny Smith

You know what they say, that sometimes the most simple ideas are the best. This is no more true than when applied to games. Enter Granny Smith: a game based around an old lady looking to stop an Apple thief - no, not that kind. The game features few controls and relies on your reactions to get through the game. Taking control of an old lady has never been so much fun. The graphics are fun, the gameplay is fun, and it's cheap so, what are you waiting for!

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2. McPixel

So there's this guy who saves the day whenever he can with whatever he can? No, not him. McPixel!!! The game brings beautiful pixel graphics with serious charm. The aim of the game is make sure whatever is going to blow up, doesn't. You've got to do this with whatever you can lay your hands on in the quickest time possible. There's nothing quite like a good bomb defusing now is there?

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1. Horn

There's absolutely no denying that this is one of the most anticipated games of the year. The graphics, the gameplay and the story. This is one game that really does have it all and call me silly but I'd expect to see this on my Xbox then here on my phone. Whilst may jsut be for Tegra devices at the moment - I know, I know - it should hopefully be available for other platforms, too. There's no more I can say about such an awesome game - there's a reason it's here at number one - if you want to read more before throwing up the cash then Justin Diaz has us covered with his review.

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