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It's NFL time of year and I'm sure you're all settled in and ready to run with your team through thick and thin. Here at Android Headlines we like to make sure you've got things covered when it comes to your apps and, having apps ready for the NFL Season is essential for any big fan. We've bought you a lot of Top Ten lists in the past and we're far from done yet. There's a list ready and waiting for you big NFL fans for you to keep up-to-date on the latest news and the latest scores. What if you go deeper? What if you're such a big fan that you like to live the game through Fantasy Football? Well, we're not going to leave you in the dark so, without further a do I present you Android Headline's Top Ten Fantasy Football Apps for Android!

10. Thuuz Sports

Sometimes you want the best of both worlds and this right here delivers that admirably. With Thuuz Sports you can get the latest news but more importantly for what we're talking about is the app's integration with your Fantasy Football for NFL '12. So you're all ready to get going when you go with Thuuz. As well as this it fits in real nice with that Galaxy Nexus thanks to its Holo Theming - speaking of, why not check out our list of Holo Apps?

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9. ESPN Fantasy Football 2012

The Sporting goliath that is ESPN is almost impossible to escape and it seems like Android isn't immune. With this offering you're able to change your line-up at any minute, anywhere on the go as well as follow match-ups in real time. There are also push notifications present here so you'll never miss anything when it comes to the important things in life - Football. This is a good app and a must for any Fantasy player.

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8. NFL by StatSheet

To play a game right you need all the right stats - no figures, no finds, no players. Without knowing what's good or bad you'll never get a start in Fantasy Football and you'll never know what players to sign for this season if you've been playing a long time but with StatSheet's NFL Offering you'll be able to get hold of the most up-to-date stats for this year's season, to make sure you build the best Fantasy Football team you can make!

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7. MFL Fantasy Football 12

If you're a big fan of Fantasy Football then there's more than a good chance that you're a member of myfantastyleague.com. This app here then, is going to become you're best friend in the near future. You'll get live scores of all your teams that are happening at the moment and you'll be able to respond to trades on the go. It's your one stop shop for making sure you're in control of your team no matter where you are. Well worth a look if you've got some time invested in the game.

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6. Draft Punk

In order to get the best players into your league you're gonna have to go through the age old drafting process. You can draft from over 820 players and you can input your league's settings to make sure you don't draft somebody that's already been taken. The app's got a nice simple layout and works well on the go, perfect for when anidea for a player draft pops into you head on the commute to work.

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5. NFL Game Day Monitor - Fantasy

Looking for a swiss army knife for your Football needs? Look no further than this right here, NFL Game Day Monitor will get you all the information you need for whatever Fantasy league it might be. All the time, wherever you are. Perfect if you're gunning for a championship win. It's got all the latest NFL news baked in as well, making this a good option if you want to keep the number of apps down on your phone.

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4. NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet

Official apps are sometimes a problem when it comes to sports and the like but, not so with the NFL. This official offering from the NFL delivers serious information from not only the last season but the two before that, as well as spooky predictions from AccuScore on future stats. Everybody needs a little help every now and then and why not get the help straight from the horse's mouth. Love Fantasy Football? You'll adore this.

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3. Fantasy Football Insider

Sometimes, the best information is the info that everybody is in on. Enter Pro Football Weekly, since 1967 they've been delivering the info that ESPN and others rely on. Now you can enjoy the same high-level stats info on the go with Fantasy Football Insider. It's well worth a look if you're a big player and, with information as good as this, you'll be hard to beat.

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2. Yahoo! Fantasy Football

Say what you will about Yahoo! but they make a good game or two. Whether it's online pool or checkers, they do casual gaming well and have been doing for some time. Their Fantasy Football offering isn't any different either, this is whole new league and some say the best. It's always good to have some other choices when it comes to this sort of thing and Yahoo! have delivered admirably. With a feature rich app for Android as well you'll come to enjoy Yahoos Foosball game.

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1. NFL.com Fantasy Football 2012

I'm sure alot of you out there are playing the game straight from NFl themselves and if you are this is the app for you. Manage the game on the go and make sure you never miss a thing. There are a couple of issues as you can't draft using this, which is a real shame but aside from that it's a solid offering from the league itself. It's a well designed app that works well.

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