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It's time of year folks, the football season has just started up again and I know you're all routing your favorite team to get off to a good start this season. So, what about you? How about you let Android Headlines get you off to a good start this NFL Season with our Top 10 Best NFL apps for that Android smartphone or tablet? Read on to find out what apps are your best bet to stay up-do-date with all the latest stats and figures. Oh, and once you're done here, don't hesitate to check out the rest of out Top 10 lists here.

10. FOX Sports Mobile

The FOX Network might not be everybody's favourite but, they've got one thing on their side - scope. The massive network can certainly bring you up-to-date on just about everything and Sports is no different. The app covers pretty much every sport you can imagine but has good coverage for both NFL and College Football. Making this a simple, glancing app, well worth a look.

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9. ESPN ScoreCenter

We can't talk about a list of Sports applications without talking about ESPN now can we? Well, here we are - the ScoreCenter. It's your one stop shop for all things...scores. If you're looking for laser-focussed NFL news here you'll be disappointed but, all the latest scores will be at your fingertips and you can even access video from the giant sports network. Well worth an install if you want a quick update on the day's games on the go.

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8. ScoreMobile: Sports and Scores

Scores are really what makes the league go round don't you think? You've got to be up-to-date on your scores if you want to stay abreast of all the Football news. ScoreMobile definitely won't let down and it's going to help you get the latest on the go. With an added widget - that looks quite nice as well - you'll be able to see how badly your team does all the time now.

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7. Pro Football Insider - NFL News

There's nothing quite intriguing to a Sports fan as an "insider".  With Pro Football Insider you'll be getting the latest and greatest insights from the people that ESPN et al rely on. The app's got some heavy endorsement from figures in the NFL world and it certainly looks the part. If you're looking for something more concrete when it comes to coverage of of NFL news then this right here will do you fine.

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6. Sporting News - Pro Football

When it comes down to it sometimes you want the news and score right away without having to sift through headlines or stories you might not care about. With Sporting News you can follow your team, making sure that you never miss another big piece of news when it comes to your dearest football team. Add real-time scores to the mix and you've got a more than capable app right here.

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5. CBS SportCaster

Football can be an immensely social game and whether or not you're enjoying it with your friends on the couch with some beers or just on your own whilst the wife's not in - you can always find some way to connect to others using the internet. Thanks to the likes of Twitter it's never been easier to connect with others on common ground. From the developers that bought us the Tweetcaster Twitter client - featured in our Top Ten Twitter Apps - there's a great social hook here from CBS' Official NFL app. You'll get access to Tweets from all the major teams, players and Tweets related to whatever game is on at the moment. No other app offers that so, why not give this one a go?

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4. NFL Game Rewind

You can read all you want but, let's face it, nothing is as good as watching it. Except maybe being in the crowd but, I think a lot of you will settle for just being able to watch it in good quality on your tablet. Tablets are great for this sort of thing because whilst it might not be your Full HD TV, you can watch the game you missed whilst your wife watches something about cooking - speaking of, why don't you check out our Top Ten Cooking Apps. You've got to have a subscription to the service but, if you're a big fan then you probably already do.

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3. NFL Sunday Ticket

Another app to get as close to the action on the go as you can, is DirecTV's Sunday Ticket app. Allowing you to watch all the games every Sunday, so long as you have the applicable subscription, of course. There's also a seperate tablet app as well so, it doesn't matter where you are in the country you can still catch the latest from your favourite team. Well worth taking a look if you're a DirecTV Customer.

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2. NFL '12

Quite often, an official app of something isn't as good as a custom offering however, this isn't the case when it comes to the official NFL Android app for Smartphones. It's got all the features you'd expect, it'll be update before other apps with the latest scores and news - you can follow your favourite team through thick and thin and the app has unique look and feel. Whilst it might not fit in with Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean it's got a killer look that's all NFL. It's the new version for the season that's just kicked off and I think you had all better go and get it installed right away.

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1. NFL Mobile

This time around NFL have partnered with Verizon to deliver a fantastic experience that fits Android very well. There's all the features you'd expect as well as video, highlights and breaking news. This is the best all-round app if you need all NFL, all the time. It's well worth a look and if you've got requisite subscriptions you can unlock some tasty extras.

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