Featured: Top 10 Best Android Apps Monthly – September 2012

Top 10 Android Apps Monthly Android Headlines

Here at Android Headlines we know that apps are important – without apps they’d be little point in owning a smartphone besides making calls and sending messages but, I think we’re all a little past that now aren’t we? We try our best to bring you content on the best apps and games around, every week our own Justin Diaz takes a look at featured game and we’ve started to bring you the best of games for the previous month. Now, we’re going to start doing the same with apps. From now on every month we’ll be bringing you the best new apps and games each month. Enjoy!

10. Norton Spot Ad Detector

Nobody like ads – except maybe those in the business but, even then I doubt they want bad ads. These are the types of ads that you certainly didn’t sign up for and you certainly don’t want. The sort of stuff that gets in through the backdoor and spams your notification tray. It’s not fun, not nice and down right plain intrusive. The folks from Norton have put together a simple app to get rid of these pesks – it’s free and has a nice, clean interface. Easy to use and easy to get results. Brilliant, right?

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9. RetailMeNot Coupons

We’ve all heard of GroupOn, right? Of course we have but, at times, it can get a little messy and I’m sure a lot of you out there miss their old coupons. RetailMeNot hopes to bridge the gap a little by providing a digital copy of something we’re used to seeing as physical. You’ll get the same experience as you did with old coupons but there’s no hassles and you’ll less likely to forget your phone than you are slips of paper, right? There’s are thousands of stores here – with a good number of big brands – with even more stores added daily. It’s free, with no sign-up so why not get started?

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8. Video Locker

Smartphones and tablets these days feature some pretty powerful cameras and in some cases the only device you have to take decent video. Videos can be important to you, especially if you’re recording your child’s first everything. These videos aren’t something we’d neccesarily like to share and if you have friends or colleagues that are particularly nosy or you just want to keep your videos away from prying eyes then this is the app for you. Not only does it keep away behind a passcode but it also incroporates 128-bit encryption, making it harder and harder for those to get into you vids, there’s also a Pro version available, too.

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7. Sleep Time – Alarm Clock

Another thing we’re most likely to use our smartphones for is as an alarm clock, I know I’d be in trouble in my smartphone wasn’t a reliable alarm clock. This here, from Azumio however, is a different take on the thing we love to hate – waking up in the morning. The idea is pretty simple and has been done a few times before – you set the app up and leave your phone on your pillow when you go to sleep. The app will then notice you stirring come morning time and pick the perfect time – within a 30 minute window – in which to wake you up. Featuring good Holo theming – check our Top Ten Holo apps list – and an easy to follow set up, this is one for those of you that have trouble waking up.

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6. TabletSMS by DeskSMS

The more and more we start to use our phones the more and more we want to get away from them. I know that for me, sitting at my keyboard all day long makes picking up my phone every five minutes to reply to a text is really quite annoying. DeskSMS solves this problem by letting you text from Gmail/Chrome Extensions and more. Now, you can text from your Tablet – from the same number everyone knows you by. Genius, right? If you’re the type to use that Nexus 7 more than your phone these days this will help you keep your friends just that little bit longer.

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5. Paprika Recipe Manager

Whether you work in a kitchen, love to cook or feel like you work in a kitchen, managing recipes can be both tedious but extremely helpful. Enter Paprika – your saviour when it comes to culinary organisation. There’s nothing better than being able to use technology to good use and this new recipe manager does that brilliantly. It’s a tablet app, taking full advantage of Android’s tablet UI to deliver you a professional experience. You can lock the screen to keep it on whilst cooking, sync with the cloud, plan meals, scale recipes for more or less people. All this in one app! It really is a chef’s best friend.

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4. uTorrent Beta

I’m sure you’ve already heard of this latest arrival on the Android scene but, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve it’s place in this list. We’re certainly not going to go into what you might use the app for but, rest assured this Android offering can certainly handle it. There have been many Torrent clients for Android however, none of them can hold a flame to the best. Now that it’s finally here you can enjoy torrents on the move and kiss your monthly data allowance goodbye within a week. It’s currently free and there are no speed or data limits, just don’t try this shit on AT&T okay? Have fun folks and, stay safe.

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3. Swatchmatic

Often, a smartphone or tablet can be something really vital for your line of work and that’s especially true in design. With screens of ever growing sizes and tablets with cameras you’re truly able to find inspiration wherever you go. With Swatchmatic, you can get the most basic and important inspiration – color. Just put the app at a color out in the wild and you’ll be presented with a swatch around the target that hopefully has something that resembles it. With this you can pick out colors from wherever and whenever you see them – magic.

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2. DayFrame

By now, we’ve more than likely got a phone and a tablet or even two tablets. If you’re at a desk all day or really don’t use the tablet all that much then what are you to do with it? Well, DayFrame has a good answer for this – why not have it display all your photos from social networks and the web? For those that use Instagram a lot or have some talented friends on Facebook and Flickr this is a perfect use for that other tablet or, the tablet you thought you’d use but never did. It’s a free app and is currently running as a Preview of the final release, it works fine on the Nexus 7 – in fact their primary focus – all tablets and phones as well so, give it a try and spice up your desk or anywhere else for that matter.

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1. Dashlane

Passwords. We love them, we hate them. We definitely can’t live without them. Online security is more an issue than it ever has been before and at the heart of it all are the various passwords we use. I like to use random passwords that are, hopefully, harder to crack and I certainly don’t use the same password for more than one online account. Dashlane can help you keep a hold on all these passwords on your Android phone, behind military grade 256-bit encryption. Nobody will getting a hold of your passwords without your master key. It’s a must have if you’re secuirty concious or you deal with sensitive data and change passwords regularly.

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