Featured: The FCC Set to Start Testing Mobile Broadband Speed

We all have mobile devices, and most of us have the mobile devices on which can handle the fastest speed. The faster the speed, the better for us. I mean who doesn't want a crisp, smooth, on the fly connection? It makes life a little better without having the impatience of having to wait, and wait, and wait.

On September 5 2012 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced that they now will be testing mobile broadband speeds "across the country!" Reviewing of these networks that provide mobile broadband speeds will begin on September 21, 2012. The FCC wants to be able to provide customers with a "report card" of all the networks. This will show customers what their networks really can do, and where they are amongst the rest.

Seeing as I'm sure this is one step that will provide "competition" I wonder what the outcome will be on the network's end of things. Do you think this will help deliver better quality products and even faster speeds?

The FCC said this:

"At the open meeting, Commission staff from the Office of Engineering and Technology and the Consumer and Government Affairs Bureau will discuss with interested parties the technical methods for performance testing of mobile broadband Internet service, methodological approaches to remotely acquiring and analyzing such data, and other methodological considerations for the testing of mobile broadband performance."

Very interesting I might say. Just another way for them to all fight, and possibly sue each other (ha, ha I'm kidding of course). This will most certainly help us decipher if we are paying too much money for our current network providers, so I must admit I'm excited to the see the outcome of this among the consumers.

The FCC's goal in this project is to get mobile networks to improve their products and services they deliver to consumers, which I can't say is a bad idea. However, I hope such a project wouldn't cause an increase in prices, because what I have now (Verizon Grandfathered Unlimited & partial 4G) works for me now, and an increase wouldn't be good for my pocket book.

The FCC also made this statement in regards to customers:

"The public may finally get some reliable information on mobile broadband data speeds, but it will not prevent wireless carriers from fooling consumers with inaccurate and confusing data speed claims."

Well I'm glad someone is looking out for us, at least I hope so. I look forward to hearing the result of this project and seeing these "statistics." How do you feel? Are you interested to know whether or not your being "bulldozed?"

Sources: TG Daily / VentureBeat

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