Featured: T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 is Confirmed Unofficially, Coming Soon


We know that Samsung's flagship "phablet" the Galaxy Note 2 is coming to US but we what we lack is the exact day and the carrier it will launch on. We have previously reported about a Verizon variant that comes with a branded Verizon home button. However, its predecessor was just an exclusive for AT&T in the beginning and launched on T-Mobile pretty late.

Today, we have more leaks and reports that confirm a T-Mobile variant of the device. SGH-T889 is the Galaxy Note 2 for T-Mobile, no details about the pricing and availability have been disclosed but judging by its predecessor we are certain that it will be priced nearly the same.

Tmo version of the phablet will come with International specs and will also add support for T-Mobile's HSPA+ network. Best of all is that the device will run Jelly Bean right out of the box. As we reported earlier about a Jelly Bean ROM for the SGH-T889 has already been leaked into the wild and you can install it (given that you already own the Tmo branded Galaxy Note 2).


The whole leaks and reports point to a definite US release and the first networks to carry the Note 2 are most likely Verizon, T-Mobile at this moment but AT&T ditching the Note 2 seems a bit odd as we have seen its predecessor rock on the network before. I'd still prefer an Unlocked phone over a Carrier branded variant any given day. What do you think? Do you concur with Samsung's claims about the Note 2 selling more than 20 million units?

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