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If there is one tech that we all know, and read about, it's Steve Wozniak. If you don't know Steve Wozniak I suggest you google his name, and find out! This man will speak out about anything that is tech related and then some, and sometimes he can be pretty straightforward and what some may consider "brutually blunt." However, he has great passion and charisma that goes along with his work.

The best part about Steve Wozniak? He's an Android supporter!! That's a plus in my book always. His opinions and ideas regarding certain aspects and manufacturers come at the cost of his passion and knowledge and do not have anything to do with money or loyalty to a certain manufacturer. Good for you Steve!!


Wozniak made some statements regarding the California case, which has surprised a few people since Wozniak had "helped build Apple in the 70's." His first statement, which shouldn't come as a shock to us because I'm sure we all feel this way, but he stated that he "hates" the patent conflicts. It wasn't just one specific one as you will notice, but he doesn't like any of them! Kudos!

As for the case in California he's seems to think that the ruling won't hold, which is a shock! It seems pretty much laid in stone that Apple won end of story. He also stated he didn't feel anything was "innovative." Someone tell me why I'm not following such a genius?! I really have some hope now, since he seems to feel this ruling won't stick.

Steve Wozniak made this statement, and I have to believe it's one of the best ideas ever! Especially coming from such a widely known person. He stated:


"I wish everybody would just agree to exchange all the patents and everybody can build the best forms they want to use everybody's technologies. "

I don't think any of us could have said it better Wozniak! However, we know exactly the kind of trouble this could cause as well. Or would it?

Wozniak also shared his feelings on the iPhone 5, which surprise, surprised is a "disappointment!" I do believe that is the same type of opinions I heard in regards to their last two iPhones. However, Wozniak is a solid supporter in the releases of the iPhones as they "always have good advances." HA! Not to many of us in the Android world! Maybe if Apple wouldn't keep their phones so locked up, and made them more customizable to the consumers' needs and wants, I may agree with that statement, but for now it's a big  No Way!


So now that we have heard from one of the biggest people in the tech world, what are your thoughts? Do you think Steve Wozniak is right, and that the ruling in California won't hold? I will be curious to see the outcome of this, as I always am. It just makes it more interesting to see if Steve Wozniak will be right, or will he be way off?

If you don't already follow Steve Wonziak on your social medias, I have give the links for pages. He also has a website as well.

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Sources: Android Authority / Woz.org

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