Featured: Sorry, Galaxy S3 Owners Looks Like You'll Have to Wait 'Til October For Jelly Bean


Recently, there's been a lot of leaks surrounding the Galaxy S3 and it's upcoming update to Jelly Bean and if you know where to look – let's face it, you know where to look – you can find leaked firmware builds that have Jelly Bean and Touchwiz joined together. Many of us were expecting Samsung to announce a near imminent update to the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note at the event in Berlin however, all Samsung told us was "soon". That the phones would be getting a helping of Jelly Beans "soon". Which is a real shame because it looked like Samsung were finally setting themselves straight when it comes to updates and were on track to deliver some time this month. However, it's now looking like the Galaxy S3 won't be getting it's helping of Jelly Beans until October at the earliest.

This is coming from CNET UK and so would suggest that the International variant of the S3 is the phone to get the upgrade and whilst that doesn't hold much solace for those in the States it's worth noting that soon the UK with have it's own LTE variant. It's this LTE variant that will ship will Jelly Bean onboard and perhaps bring hope to slashing the time it will take to update the phone across the US Carriers. Which will present the final and biggest barrier for those in the states – the Verizons and the Sprints. It's obvious that you'll be waiting a lot longer for a carrier to approve an update than a manufacturer, something that has always puzzled us.

Whether or not Samsung do indeed update the S3 worldwide or in select markets come October, it's at least refreshing to hear them talk about it and to see that the company is making progress when it comes to faster updates. Which is something you can't say of hm, let me think…HTC?


[Source: CNET UK]

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