Featured: Samsung Puts Out New Ad with Apple as their Sole Target

It comes as to no surprise that Samsung will do anything they can to Apple for humiliating them in public. Their newest attack comes at the cost of an ad, and a mighty good one! It hasn't been released yet, but thanks to our good friends at CNet, they provided a snapshot of what the new ad will look like (below). The actual ad should be out and in newspapers tomorrow  both local and national.



And Let me tell you, I like this ad! Look at the comparison Samsung provides here. Look at the iPhone 5 and then look at the Samsung S III. The FIRST thing I notice is how very DIFFERENT the designs are right off the bat! Would you agree with me?

The iPhone 5 screen's compared to the S III?  Well its 0.8" difference, with Samsung in the lead when it comes to the screen size. They both have 4G LTE, which I find interesting as I had written previously (Does Samsung Want to Cross License with Apple?) about how Samsung would be "balls to the wall" if the iPhone 5 came out 4G LTE equipped.

Next we come to display types, you will notice that the iPhone 5 has a RETINA display whereas, the S III has HD Super AMOLED display. Now which one would you decide on? You'd have to know the difference between the two to really be able to tell, so I did some added research for those of you who may not know. Let's start with Retina display first. Retina display is used by Apple for the most part, and claim to be like "liquid crystal displays." The pixel density is supposed to be high enough that the human eye is un-able to notice any type of pixilation at any given distance. Hmmm, sure.

Next we have HD Super AMOLED, and AMOLED stands for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting diode. I know right, pretty fancy! This display comes with an "integrated digitizer, which means, the layer that detects touch is integrated into the screen." Wow, I'd have to say that is super fancy! Samsung claims that it "reflects 5 times less sunlight compared to the original AMOLED." It uses a "PenTile RGBG subpixel arrangement that has fewer subpixels than traditional."

Whoa!!! How's that for a head spinner? So as you can see, it would look like Samsung's display is in the lead again. Or is it? Samsung also takes the win when it comes to screen resolution. S III is at 1280 x 720 HD, whereas the iPhone 5 is at 1136 x 640. Not too much of a difference, but I'm sure it's noticeable.

When it comes to weight, the iPhone 5 is a bit lighter than the S III, and that is a toss-up. It would really depend on the users' preference in this category. For me, the lighter phones seem to feel cheaper to me, and almost fake. I also, have my Galaxy Nexus in a Silicone case, which adds a bit more weight to it, and makes it a bit more weight-wise.

Samsung takes the cake when it comes to RAM, but are both almost the same when it comes to storage sizes. They different when it comes over 32 GB of storage.  Obviously, the Operating systems are different. The charging ports are also different, which makes me ask Apple, "Why?".


THAT'S IT! That is where the iPhone 5 specs end, but yet the Galaxy S III lists continues! I have to applaud Samsung for making these apparent differences, as Apple is always so keen in promoting that they have the best products. How is the iPhone 5 looking now?

The best part out of the whole ad is the title. "It doesn't take a genius....The Next Big Thing is Here" If Apple was trying to outshine the S III with the iPhone 5, I would have to say that they did a VERY poor job! Apple may be good in court, but I do not believe they are good at being "innovative" nor do I believe they are creative in trying to outshine Android. I commend Samsung on this play! It was a very well played indeed! Better luck next time Apple!


Sources: Wikipedia-AMOLED / Wikipedia-Retina / Cnet

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