Featured: Samsung Caught Testing Device With Buzzed About Exynos 5 Dual Chip


Samsung isn't staying out of the news anytime soon and it looks like they've given Android fans something else to take a quick look at. Just a few days ago, we reported that Samsung was already starting work on the Galaxy S IV and would debut it at Mobile World Conference 2013.

As it turns out, Samsung went about squashing those rumors and completely denied them. Now, it's starting to look like maybe Samsung wasn't exactly telling the truth, that is if this is the successor to the Galaxy S IV. As commenter Sid said on Android and Me, "752 x1280 resolution tells me it's running Android in landscape mode with 48 pixels taken up by the on screen controls. I think this is a tablet and not a phone. Possibly the Nexus 10?"


It's possible and that maybe Samsung is going with that setup to keep the cost down. Still, it's anyone's guess at this point. Anyways, as far as the specs are concerned, this is what we know so far thanks to a company by the name of Rightware:

  • 1280×752 display
  • 1.7 GHZ Exynos 5 Dual Processor
  • Exynos 5 Dual features the ARM Cortex-A15 CPU and Mali-T604 GPU

The ARM Cortex A-15 and Mali-T604 feature some serious performance improvements to the tune of double the memory bandwidth of the Exynos 4 and better graphics performance. Whether this device is a phone or tablet, it's not going to be any slouch, that's for sure.