Featured: Paranoid Android for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note updates to v2.15 including a lengthy Changelog

September 26, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Late last night, Paranoid Android for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note (I717) got updated with some nice new features. For those that are not familiar with Paranoid Android, it’s a custom ROM that allows you to customize the UI on your device. It’s not just the devices’ UI, you can customize the UI per app in the settings. Making this ROM one of the most customizable ROMs around. In Paranoid Android you’ll see Phone UI, Phablet UI/Nexus 7 UI, and Tablet UI.

Here’s the changelog for v2.15:

  • updated to pa 2.15
  • updated to latest cm10 merges
  • new kernel 3.0.43
  • more more more

It’s easy to install Paranoid Android, the exact same way as another ROM. But for the new people here’s how:

  1. Download Paranoid Android v2.15 and the latest gapps
  2. Place those two files on your SD card
  3. Reboot into recovery
  4. Wipe Data/Factory Reset
  5. Wipe Dalvik Cache (In clockworkmod recovery its Advanced/Wipe Dalvik Cache)
  6. Select Install zip from SD card
  7. Choose zip to install
  8. Install the Paranoid Android zip
  9. Repeat steps 6 and 7 and install the gapps zip
  10. Reboot

If you run into any trouble, find any bugs, or want to donate to Paranoid Android, be sure to check out their Rootzwiki thread for all the latest information, and to thank Rootzwiki forum member JamieD81 for all their hard work on this ROM. You can also look forward to my review of Paranoid Android on the Nexus 7 soon.