Featured: Over 500,000 Android Apps Make Their Way To Millions Of PCs

September 27, 2012 - Written By Mike Stenger

In the earlier days of Android, iOS easily trumped in terms of apps and the wide selection to choose from. As time went on though, the apps in the Android Market, now the Play Store, got better, as did the amount of people developing apps for Android. Compared to where we are now, it’s a night and day difference.

Up until recently, Android apps have been reserved for, well, Android devices, but thanks to a partnership between BlueStacks and AMD, over 500,000 apps currently in the Play Store are now available to Millions of Window’s PC owners. Actually, according to BlueStacks, the number of PC owners who will have access is over 100 million. That’s a nice chunk.

How exactly will this work? Essentially, AMD will offer access to Android apps via their online storefront and the apps will work thanks to BlueStacks “Layercake” emulation software.

What makes this partnership particularly intriguing is that with Windows 8 touchscreen devices coming to the marketplace soon, people will be able to run Android apps on them which opens up a whole new arena entirely. Of course there will be desktop versions of apps that will be more ideal than the Android app, but as far as gaming is concerned, things could get pretty interesting.

If you have an AMD powered PC, you can go to AMD’s AppZone and get started today.