Featured: nVIDIA Launches Two Games The Bards Tale & Fort Courage

Two new games hit the TegraZone app and the Play Store yesterday optimized for tegra based devices. Despite popular belief though, only one of them is Tegra exclusive. The quirky and different Fort Courage wave defense style game is only playable if you have a tegra based device right now. The Bards Tale however is available on most Android phones and even has optimized controls for the xperia play!! The game does of course boast optimized graphics and enhanced tegra performance if you run a tegra 3 device but you can play it non tegra devices as well.

Both The Bards Tale  and Fort Courage are adventure based games and will provide you with hours upon hours of exciting gameplay. One just a little differently than the other. The 3-D graphics and originality of these two games are sure to make an impression on you though and make even the most casual gamer log in some serious time.


The Bards Tale is an adventure based action RPG style game that will have you playing as the BARD who is selfish yet likable character that travels on a quest for Coin and Cleaveage. Seriously.. the bard is obsessed with cleavage, but he also needs to get paid. Sky high stacks!! Or.. since its coins maybe its sky high sacks. Either way, you will journey through the lands on your quest for... ahem... glory and find all kinds of adventure while on the way. You will have over 20-30 hours of gameplay at your disposal and with over 50 enemy types plus various bosses, multiple characters to summon at your beck and call through the majesty of song, and over 150 unique and arguably awesome items and weaponry to find, The Bards Tale will be your favorite game for a while. If you too... seek the comfort of coin, cleaveage, adventure, and lots and lots of humor, then grab this game up from either the play store or the tegra zone app if you can. The Bards Tale available now will set you back about $6 bucks but it is only episode 1 of the series of games, and episodes 2 and 3 are free once released. Not a bad deal for all three games.


Fort Courage is the other game that has been released onto the Tegra Zone and has a relentless 80+ hours of gameplay mayhem for you to enjoy. Over 120 stages of merciless waves of 15 different types of enemies and 3 bosses will keep you on your toes as you slay thine foe with countless types of awesome toy weaponry. 9 different character skins are available to dress up your style and 10 power ups are available for your items to help you in defending off the increasingly difficult waves of attacks. Zombies, mummies, dinosaurs robots and other insidious monsters will try to stop you from reaching the end of the wave levels and achieve your ultimate high score. Show them what your made of and then when you're done, post your score up to the leaderboards powered by GREE. GREE also offers a form of in game currency if you so choose. I never have been a fan of most of the game models that follow the in app purchases myself but to each his own. The game itself is free to play.

If either of these games strikes your fancy, you can find them both sitting in the Play Store and the Tegra Zone app. Links and screenshots below, of course.


The Bards Tale

Fort Courage

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