Featured: New Nexus device rumored to be based on the HTC Droid Incredible X

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As we get further into the fall season, we start to hear more and more about the next Nexus, or in this case multiple Nexus devices. Ever since that rumor we reported this summer about there being 5 Nexus devices this year, most people have been wanting Nexus devices from other manufacturers than Samsung who made the previous two Nexus phones. Now I am a huge fan of HTC’s build quality and loved the Nexus One, so I’d love to see an HTC Nexus and if this rumor is true I might just get what I want.

According to GSMArena, the HTC Droid Incredible X is expected to launch this fall, and be a direct competitor to the likes of LG’s Optimus Vu/Intuition, and Samsung’s Galaxy Note II. But recently the rumor mill has spun out an interesting rumor for us all. HTC could be offering a 5-inch display and a quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor.

One of GSMArena’s sources has claimed that the fourth generation Nexus device would launch with Android 4.1.2 which would be a small enhancement from 4.1.1, mostly including more project butter and lock screen enhancements.Some of the other rumored specs to go along with the 5-inch display which is 1080p include a 12MP camera and a 2,500mAh battery. Take a guess at the name of this device? Well it’s supposed to be the Nexus 5, a take off of the Nexus 7 name.

Just remember that this is a rumor, and should be treated as such. But I would love for this to become reality. Who would buy a Nexus 5?

Source: GSMArena