Featured: New Motorola Said to Have “Edge to Edge” Screen

September 1, 2012 - Written By Christina Gardner


We have all heard at one point or another about the event Motorola Mobility will be attending with Verizon Wireless. We have LOTS of speculations of what is to come at this event. A new Motorola LTE device is one of those speculations, as it’s being rumored to have an “edge to edge” screen! Interested? Continue forward!

First things first, when will this “said event” be happening? The press conference is set to take place on September 5th, 2012.  An “un-named” person has been leaking tiny morsels (enough to wet the palette so to say), but remains anonymous.  “They” did say the device is sure to have Android OS. Well of course! What else would it have?

This device could potentially be “THE DEVICE” for Motorola, or at least for the year. The talk of it consisting of a FULL screen is being widely discussed. This means the entire front of the phone will be used as display, and if you notice your phones now, you can definitely see your screen/display doesn’t take up the whole front.  You can see the border of the phone within and where the actually display ends.  The rumor over at CNet is that the screen will be 4.3 inch qHD (960×540 pixel) with “Super AMOLED Advanced with Gorilla Glass 2.” Thoughts…?

The Motorola device will definitely have its competition cut out for them, as the new iPhone is coming out September 12th, 2012, and even Nokia is hinting “new” device, however these devices will be sporting the Windows 8 OS.

Motorola Mobility was contacted for comment, but both contacts declined to share anything, which kind starts to make you wonder what’s so secret about this device?

Motorola Mobility was recently acquired by Google for its “intellectual property and to support its Android operating system” which Motorola had already been using to begin with. Good choice by Motorola I have to say. Since the purchase of Motorola Mobility stock and share prices have increased, which may lead us to believe that this was a great move by Google, and that we will have much surprised in store for us!


Sources: Bloomberg / CNet