Featured: Motorola's XT890 Stops by FCC; Could be 2Ghz Intel Packing Phone


Motorola haven't been up to much this year but recently, they seem to be quite busy. Earlier on in the year, the acquisition by Google went through and they just this month in NYC announced the new line of Droid RAZR devices. I'm sure a great many of you are very much looking forward to these phones but, let's face it – it's a lot more of the same we've had from Moto and Big Red in recent memory. There's been rumors that at Motorola's event in London on the 18th the company is going to be announcing a RAZR M variant for Europe with an Intel chip inside. Whether or not this is true we'll have to wait and see however, Engadget have stumbled upon something. A Motorola phone with the model XT890 just strolled through the FCC and it looks to bring some interesting info with it.

The phone has been outed by the FCC as packing a 2Ghz Intel Chip, radios that support both 2G and 3G on AT&T but no word on LTE. However, the FCC doesn't require manufacturers to declare non-US bands and somehow, I can't imagine a carrier – even AT&T – bringing out a phone in the States with no LTE onboard. The screen resolution here is qHD with soft buttons much like the Droid RAZR M and whilst there's no mention of NFC there is Dual-band WiFi on the guest list. I'd be surprised if NFC wouldn't be onboard but if this is headed to Europe it could be left out.

2Ghz in a phone. That's something I'm many of us have wanted to see for a long time and with it comes some fairly decent bragging rites, for sure. Whether the phone is going to be a riff on the RAZR M's design, the same phone or something else entirely we'll have to wait and see. It'll certainly be interesting to see just what Motorola and Intel have put together since they announced their partnership way back in January at CES. Of course, Android Headlines will be ready and waiting to bring you the latest when everything is out in the open.


[Source: Engadget]

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