Featured: More Details on Google's "Project Glass" Emerge


Ever since Google released the video detailing the future that the company envision for the device we've been wanting to learn a lot more and then ever since they showed us more at I/O we've been practically salivating. It looks like details on the device and it's interface are slowly starting to make their way into the mainstream press. The Wall Street Journal have had some hands-on time with the device and have been able to see just how Project Glass will work.

As for the hardware itself, Project Glass is said to weigh only a few ounces and to feature two microphones and batteries built right into the frame of the glasses. With such a device it's clear that voice control is going to be the main form of interaction and it's in the early stages of implementation right now. For instance, speaking a term like "OK, Glass" will bring up the main menu. This menu will allow the user to access the functions of the device – such as taking a picture, sending a text message or make a phone call. I can imagine that phone calls and text messaging could become the main features of Project Glass thanks to its two microphones. The idea of being able to take a photo at true eye-level is something we've not experienced before and as photos – like the one below – from those with access to the glasses show, it makes me some truly amazing photo ops.


When it comes down to it though, the Journal came away from the demo underwhelmed due to the fact that it's very much in the prototype stages right now – making it very hard to judge how well the device performs. Functions such as making a call and sending a text are said to be very rough at the moment. There's word of a pre-alpha navigation system as well but, the Journal didn't have much to say as, again, it's very much in the development stages.

If anything, learning just a little bit more on Project Glass is nice because, in the next couple of years Project Glass will be everywhere. Those that pre-ordered the development version of the device will be presented theirs at the end of next year. Everyone else will be able to get in on the party come early 2014. I'm sure a great many of you out there are looking forward to seeing what Project Glass has to offer once the software is final. For one, I can see the navigation software to be a real-seller for those looking to get around a busy city with little interaction on their phone. However, I can't help but thinking is Bluetooth really going to be good enough to transfer all this data reliably? Only time will tell it seems.

[Source: Electronista]

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